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WordPress For Beginners - Easy Step to Build Own Website

“In this competitive online business world, having a very own website helps you to stand firm and stay ahead within the market.”

WordPress For Beginners -
Easy Step to Build Own Website

“In this competitive online business world, having a very own website helps you to stand firm and stay ahead within the market.”

Build Website, Build Recognition

When talking about business digitalisation, most of the business owners take their first step to selling on social media or marketplace (such as shopee, lazada and etc). It is a good step to start business online, however, it will not be the most effective way to digitalise your business. Why? Because:

  • You are more likely to lose the opportunity to convert more customers, as there will be other sellers that sell the same products as you, but at a lower price.
  • If only selling on the marketplace, people rarely remember your brand as there are tons of brands selling the same product at the same place.

Therefore, having a website for your business is an extension of recognition which builds up your brand image and value to the target audience. Whilst, a website will increase the revenue by converting the customers to purchase from you online.

Gain and Retain Customer

A website is able to build credibility to your business, which allows the customers to have more loyalty to your brand. At the same time, a website will provide a better customer experience which enables you to retrieve and retain customers.

Study showed that

  • Most of the customers will do research online before they make their purchase decision. That is why it is important to have an online presence (website) where your brand can pop out from the search result.
  • Able to generate new customers that are outside your geographic reach.

No matter what business you are running, having a website is a great medium for potential customers to learn more about your brand history and expertise, which will lead them to build trust in your brand’s products.

Collect Consumer Data

Website allows businesses to collect data of customers for business owners to learn about their customers' behaviour and persona. For example, you are able to track the demographics of the customers and where the traffic comes from.

Collecting customer data allow you to

  • Know your customer to increase the ability to attract them to your products and services.
  • Able to create a website content or better customer experience that satisfied customers and persuade them to purchase your brand’s product.

Based on a survey, 22 million customers in Malaysia are digital consumers who purchased products or services online. Thus, we need to know our digital consumers in order to retain them to continue shopping on your website with positive customer experience.

They are using WordPress for their business too?!

WordPress’ popularity is well-deserved. It was being used by some of the biggest and well-known companies and brands from all over the world.

Companies including Disney, Sony ,and Rolling Stone are using WordPress to power their websites!

Strive the Opportunity to Create a Website for Business

Get your unique brand a very own online store, and let everything under your control. It is never too hard to create a website as you are able to create one for yourself without equipping professional coding skills.

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