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ISLEE Fashion: 80% Increase in Sales with Exabytes Digital Marketing Solution

80% Increase in Sales with Digital Marketing Solution
An early adopter of inbound marketing, ISLEE is able to confidently rely on a steady flow of traffic and leads generated by their eCommerce website. However, one additional source of traffic and leads on which they wanted to capitalize was online advertising via Facebook

Kisah Kejayaan: Cendol Hijau

Exabytes Customer Success Stories : Cendol Hijau
Pengasas Cendol Hijau, Gosti Mohd Alfian Bin Gosti Mohd Nadzri berkongsi bagaimana platform digital berjaya menjadi sumber pendapatan dan naikkan jualan kuih tradisional mereka.

Success Stories : MGTC

Learn from the inspiring story of MGTC, the organizer of IGEM that generated a huge response for the events they organized using the power of Digital Marketing.

Crabby Gone Famous Online

Crabby Gone Famous Online
Flavourful and affordable cili crab bento achieved overnight success after going online.

Success Stories: The PIN System made the impossible possible

Success Stories: The PIN System made the impossible possible
How can the PIN System help with business growth? Exabytes talks to Blue Ocean Technologies to hear their success stories, making the impossible possible.