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Success Story: OSK Property

The success story of OSK Property is indeed, an inspiration too many. Shifting from a traditional business model to the online model, the company took baby steps to achieve what it is today. Exabytes is proud to be part of the Digitization journey of OSK...

Success Stories: Cyberview

cyberview exabytes data backup solution
The importance of data backup, in this digital century. Can you tell us about Cyberview's business nature? Cyberview is a Tech Hub Developer where our role is to spearhead the development of the Cyberjaya ecosystem through research, development and commercialisation (R&D&C). Ten areas of emerging technologies...

Success Stories: 303 Runcit

Success Stories: 303 Runcit
Business Digitalisation is no longer an option. It’s now essential for every business in every industry to sustain and grow their business. In the new normal, traditional businesses are seriously impacted. We are now adapting to the new norm; everything has gone Online, such...

Success Stories : Aiman Lawn Care

AimanLawnCare - Pakar Dalam Meracun Rumput Liar. Perkenalkan perniagaan anda dan ceritakan kisah anda: Apakah jenis perniagaan yang anda jalankan? Kami merupakan syarikat yang menjalankan perkhidmatan penjagaan rumput laman. Kami memulakan perniagaan ini kerana kami dapati ramai rakyat Malaysia menanam rumput tetapi kurang mahir dalam penjagaan...

Success Stories: Eat Cake Today

Eat Cake Today — A Delectably Sweet Journey Opened in 2015: Introduce your business and tell us your story: What kind of business do you run? Eat Cake Today is an online portal that offers a wide repertoire of quality, premium cakes delivered from bakers to consumers conveniently....