2nd E-COMMERCE EXPORTING (MySmeExport) Forum Success


2nd E-COMMERCE EXPORTING (MySmeExport) Forum Success

Since the implementation of RCEP in Malaysia on March 18, 2022, we have initiated many workshops and sharings to help Malaysians understand the vast potential of this Free Trade Agreement. One such important occasion is the organizing of the 2nd E-COMMERCE EXPORTING (MySmeExport) Forum to share about B2B E-Commerce knowledge, solutions and opportunities given by the RCEP agreement.

According to MITI, RCEP will benefit Malaysian companies by:

  1. Offering market access to a third of world’s population where intra-regional sourcing of raw materials at competitive price;
  2. Integrating supply chain within the RCEP region;
  3. Promoting greater transparency, information sharing, trade facilitation, economic cooperation, standardisation of international rules relating to E-commerce;
  4. Mutually recognising international standards, technical regulations trade;and
  5. Providing clarity in protection of intellectual property rights.

Founder and CEO, Chan Kee Siak’s Words

20 years ago, at the turn of the new millenia, I founded Exabytes as a humble initiative to begin the digitalization of Malaysia. It started as a simple thought to fulfill the need of providing domain names to clients and it slowly grew into a bigger picture than I’d ever thought it could be. As we put serious thoughts into how we can help our clients grow their businesses online, we realized that there’s a whole new world to be explored. Therefore, we grew our digital portfolios to provide a myriad of solutions to our dear customers and each of them, an intricate component of how a business can capitalize on the digital space to be successful.

Exporting through digital means is one such component that holds the key to pushing Malaysian businesses to a whole new world. To reinvigorate the Malaysian exporting scene is one such sentence that has always been on my mind throughout these years and thus, we partnered with Alibaba.com to make this into a reality.

RCEP: How Does It Uplift Entrepreneurs and Cement Their Success

The event was kickstarted by YM Raja Badrulnizam Raja Kamalzaman, the
Director of ASEAN & Oceania Section, Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE)’s sharing.

He said RCEP is about post-pandemic recovery. Participating in it consists of perks such as lowered tariff for a whopping 92% of traded goods, market access to ⅓ of the world’s population, and the usage of one single form to cover these countries with ePCO already available in Dagangnet website.

Meanwhile, industry players representative Mr. Yeoh Seng Hooi
Honorary Secretary-General, Small and Medium Enterprises Association of Malaysia (SAMENTA), Mr Koong Lin Loong, Managing Partner, Reanda LLKG International, Chairman of ACCCIM SMEs Committee and Mr. Nordin, Marketing Director, Kugpis Sdn Bhd also shared their optimistic view on this RCEP agreement.

Mr. Yeoh Seng Hooi said the RCEP accords the opportunity for SMEs to collaborate with other businesses in the region in the form of trade as well as investments.

“For SMEs, it is important for them to strengthen their leadership skills, capabilities and capacities to face the challenges of the business including RCEP.”

Mr. Nordin said he has been working in online digital traders since 5 years ago.

“The benefits of RCEP allows me to enjoy tax reduction and free tax waivers when doing import and export business, and also free shipping costs to the RCEP members countries like Cambodia and Vietnam.

Choose the best e-commerce platform in the world, create good networking, explore new markets, and understand your business needs through other member countries in the RCEP.”

Mr. Koong Lin Loong said RCEP is the world’s largest FTA, which will have a disruptive impact in global trade, investment and services.

“I think opportunities are for those who are prepared, otherwise you will be left behind. To our businesses, you must be ready, be equipped, because the market is yours.”

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