Attractive Design

The blog design is the first thing people see. The design should be special and attractive, although it should not consist too much flash which might slow down website loading speed.

While it is convenient to use default themes, try adding a little design to your website with your personal style.


Clear Focus

A great blog should have a clear focus. Don’t tell people everything in detail; share with your blog readers the information you have in summary. Besides, focus on the topics related to your blog, and not just any other topics.


Spectacular Image

A picture is worth a thousand word. Images play an important role to attract people to read your blog; before your blog readers see your content, the first things they see are the images on your website. Images are good to complement your blog posts and reinforce your points. Avoid cliché and overused images.


Useful sidebar

A good blog should have some useful sidebars such as:

  • Popular posts
  • Recent posts
  • Blogroll / friends lists
  • Search
  • Category links
  • Link to RSS feed
  • Recent comments
  • Promotion of products/services

These sidebars make it easy for your reader to navigate freely on your website. For example, readers can jump straight to certain topics they like or simply run a search to read the topics they wish.

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