Tips on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)



Image Support
Images help to improve the readership of blog posts. Therefore, you can find images that can enhance the story. Using keyword phrase in the “alt description” of the image helps when web searchers are looking for images through the search engines. Image that do not have an “alt description” will not rank as well for specific image searches.


Quality Content

Quality content is where it all starts. You can have all the keywords in the world, but if your content is not good, people won’t stick around on your site and search engines won’t find your site valuable. Maintaining good quality content of your blog posts is what you need to do, if you want your blog to be noticed by the search engines.Focus on creating and maintaining high quality content instead of the quantity.


Article length and links

For Offpage works, the article which is having more texts is more welcomed. The quality is always to be taken into account as per brand and business requirements. The best practice for article submission consists of text with right keyword density. Always try to have 500 to 600 words for a article. The articles should always have text related to title and theme.


Anchor Text

Diversify your anchor text by offering users relevant information about the link destination to increase website ranking for a particular keyword. Websites or blog authors are more likely to link with relevant text, words or phrases if keywords are included in the URL.


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