41 Great Award-Winning Web Designers, Developers & Agencies from Malaysia Website Awards 2019

Malaysia Website Awards 2019
41 Great Award-Winning Web Designers, Developers & Agencies from Malaysia Website Awards 2019

It’s a wrap for the Award Presentation Ceremony of the prestigious Malaysia Website Awards 2019 (MWA  2019)! This time around, the momentous event was held at Colony Coworking Space & Event Spaces, Star Boulevard KLCC on 13 February 2019. 

First of all, many thanks to our Sponsors & Partners who worked together with us to make the event a success. MWA 2019 was co-organised by EasyParcel, EasyStore, EasyWork and Pgeon (Logistic Partner). 

Trophy awards of Malaysia Website Awards
Thank you Frambie for sponsoring MWA Cert. The quality of the printing never fail! Thank you once again for joining us as a partner.

On top of that, we’re also thankful for the wonderful support from all our partners!   

  • Diamond Partners: KipleBiz & DotAsia  
  • E-Commerce Partner: billplz 
  • Cert&Frame Sponsor: Frambie 
  • Community Partner: Colony Co-working Space  
  • Official Apparel Partner: StartupTshirt 
  • Media Partner: FH Media & Malaysia News TV 

Thank you for joining us. It was indeed a fantastic night!

Mr Chan Kee Siak, CEO & Founder, Exabytes was doing the opening remark by sharing the future development of MWA.

The Future Development of Malaysia Website Awards  

1. MWA Web Interface & UIUX

The MWA team is constantly working on the website layout, UIUX and the overall web interface of the MWA website. This is especially true for the process of submission. The team is constantly working to make the process seamless, for both external and internal use.  

2. MWA Mark Transparency 

We’ve received several requests for mark transparency. Many participants wish to know their rating for each criterion: Design, Content, SEO, Accessibility & Performance. We are fully aware of it and will do our best to make it a reality! 

3. More Expert Judges & Jury Panel Members 

We are inviting more Expert Judges and Jury Panel to join and grow this community stronger! Stay tuned for more announcements. More are joining soon! 

4. More Awards 

Currently, we have Site of the Month Award, Favourite Website Award and Site of the Year Award. 

We are looking to have more different awards in the next series of MWA! For example, Best Designer Award, Best Experimental Award, Best UIUX Award. However, the details are yet to finalize. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!

Quality of Website Entries On the Rise

Malaysia Website Awards, which started in 2015 (2019 is the fifth in the series), seeks to recognize and reward the outstanding performance, talent and effort of the best web developers, web designers and web agencies; and at the same time encourage creativity, sharing and improvement of overall web design quality in the country. 

Over the years, the quality of submissions is on the rise. The quality of website entries we receive is getting better and better each year. Thus it is also getting more challenging for our Jury Panel & Expert Judges to rate the submissions.

As usual, the Site of The Year Award was extremely competitive as several participants were competing for neck and neck. So here you go with the Winners of Site of The Year (Grand Prize) for the Malaysia Website Awards 2019.  

Commercial category – Site of the Year Award – bikebear.com.my by Bike Bear

Personal category – Site of the Year Award –  ceravasarawak.com by CERAVA

E-Commerce category – Site of the Year Award – twogastronome.com by Multimedia Art Workshop Sdn Bhd  

MWA 2019 Official Results  

Site of the Month Award 

Commercial Jan Floorinc.com.my by eJeeban Design Studio
Feb Stelixmedia.com.my by Stelix Media Solutions Sdn Bhd
Mar Ownerscircle.asia by Bike Bear
Apr Iwd.asia by Fachrul Naim Bin Yahaya
Jun Digitalo2o.com by Kevin Tan
Jul Autobot.sg by Operion Technology Sdn Bhd
Aug Kingdompalacerestaurant.com by eJeeban Design Studio
Sep Lavax.co by Lava X
Oct Fuyohdesign.my by Megat Muzzamir Bin Megat Abu Bazar
Nov Springdesign.my by Spring Design Studio
Dec Bikebear.com.my by Bike Bear
Personal Jan
Feb Carreviewsncare.com by Kelvin Ang Tzu Thian
Mar Tritonlim.com by Triton Lim
Apr Pixel182.com by Aizuddin Sabtu
May Thegonegoat.com by Pashmina Binwani
Jun Dlink.my by Ammar Ihsan Nasution
Jul Shamimshafiee.com by Shamim Shafiee
Aug Orangperak.com by Freddie Aziz Jasbindar
Sep Plagueofhappiness.com by Aizuddin Sabtu
Oct Cikgusuhaimin.com by MOHD SUHAIMIN BIN ISNEN
Nov Puanmary.tv by Ammar Ihsan Nasution
Dec Ceravasarawak.com by Karuna Sarawak
E-Commerce Jan Maglifestyle.com by Gurl Studio
Feb Naladesigns.com by Gurl Studio
Mar Drforhair.com.my by Storming Solutions
Apr Nurdofficial.com by Zakri Rozaini
May Buffalo.world by Ryan Ng
Jun Miraculous.com.my by Shacks Design
Jul Amru.com by AMRU International Sdn. Bhd.
Aug Matsymatzy.co by Magnus Digital Sdn Bhd
Sep Twogastronome.com by Multimedia Art Workshop Sdn Bhd
Oct Vintage.com.my by Vintage Upholstery Sdn Bhd
Nov 103coffee.com by Idea Batch Venture
Dec Bax.asia by Karuna Sarawak

Favourite Website Award 

Commercial Adamamusement.com by Ken Leong
Personal Shamimshafiee.com by Shamim Shafiee
E-Commerce Faithfleur.my by Asrul Shamri Bin Mohd Amin

Site of the Year Award 

Commercial Bikebear.com.my by Bike Bear
Personal Ceravasarawak.com by Karuna Sarawak
E-Commerce Twogastronome.com by Multimedia Art Workshop Sdn Bhd

Malaysia Website Awards 2020 is now open for submission!

If you are interested to gain recognition for your website, submit your website now and find out how good you are! Don’t forget, you can be the next winner! Submit your website at the official website

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