5 Essential Features of eCommerce Websites



Nowadays eCommerce websites have become an important media for selling products and services. This is because eCommerce websites can help sellers to save a lot of time, costs and business capital and make their business available for 24 hours. However, there are some challenges to turn visitors into customers; hence useful and interesting features will make your eCommerce website stand out from your competitors.


1) Image Quality and Feature

The image quality needs to be clear and sharp. When we go shopping at a physical store, we can watch the goods, touch and feel it. Compared to buying on eCommerce websites, we can only view the goods in the form of graphics. Sellers could add on some plugins to some useful image viewing features such as allow images to rotate, zoom in so that shoppers can view the products more closely.


2) Customer Reviews

Shoppers may be curious to find out more about what others think about your products, so if your product page contains some customer reviews it will help shoppers to make decisions a lot better. Not all products have positive reviews, and not all products have negative reviews. Most have both negative and positive reviews. Sellers must not manipulate customer reviews in order to make the products sound more real and trustable.


3) Product Comparison

Sellers could enable product comparison feature on their eCommerce website. This feature makes it more convenient for shoppers to compare products of different specs and features. With this, they can view the product features side-by-side, instead of flipping through many pages.


4) Live Chat

Live chat is a very useful feature for an eCommerce website. At physical stores, salespersons are there to assist and answer any doubts customers might have. In the case of eCommerce websites, live chat plays a similar role by allowing customers to receive immediate response shall they have any doubts in products, services, payment, etc.


5) Share Buttons

Share buttons can help to promote your eCommerce website. This button allows users to click and share your product information on social network websites such as Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. With this feature, you can generate more sales and encourage more people to know about your eCommerce website.

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