A complimentary .site or .online domain for EIMS attendees

endless possibilities with .online & .siteCourtesy of the partnership with Radix, we would like to give every attendee a complimentary .online or .site domain! Let’s check out the benefits of securing .online or .site!

Why .online?

  • Open doors to global reach
    Whether you are a local business expanding or realizing your brilliant ideas, stay ahead of the curve with the modern and intuitive .online domain extension.
  • Let the world hear you speak
    Create an online unique presence that reflects you or your brand. If you have a brick store, it adds recognition and announces to your customers that they can connect with your business online, from anywhere around the world.
  • Overcome language barriers
    Did you know that the word “Online” is understood in over 24 languages? That makes having a descriptive .online domain your golden ticket to make a connection instantly.

Why .site?

  • Perfect generic
    It is short and intuitive, it is a popular term with customers across all industries and verticals.
  • Industry agnostic
    It is not a niche extensions. .site is perfect for all kinds of organizations & business!
  • Overcome language barriers
    It cuts across languages and geographies and can be understood in 9+ languages. Hence, it’s suitable for all customers and brands, from individuals, small & medium business to large organizations.

The complimentary domain only opens for EIMS’ participants. By joining EIMS, you will get to know the latest trends of digital marketing and also meet the experts face-to-face!

So grab your tickets now and our team will send you a special promo code to claim the complimentary .online domain or .site domain!

See you there!

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