Accelerate Business Growth with Facebook


Accelerate Business Growth with Facebook

How Does Facebook Help Your Business Grow

In recent years, more SMEs and business owners are becoming aware of the power of having an online presence.

They have adapted to the digital age by taking their businesses online to help protect and promote their products and services.

When trying to scale your business online, It is critical to establish a strong online presence. The first step in establishing an online presence for your business is to promote it on social media. 

Because Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms among Malaysians, establishing a business presence on the platform is an excellent way to boost your business growth.

For example, while your target consumers are scrolling through Facebook, your Ad can show up on their feed, allowing them to easily connect with you, resulting in more traffic to your online business and sales.

A Whopping 80% Increase in Conversion Rates

ISLEE is a Malaysian clothing brand with headquarters in Penang. They have retail stores and an eCommerce website that can generate a consistent stream of visitors and leads.

However, ISLEE would like to leverage additional sources to bring more traffic and leads to their business, through Facebook ads.

ISLEE started running its Facebook advertisement campaigns and witnessed a minor increase in sales in the first month. However, they were not discouraged because they knew the huge potential that was available in Facebook Ads.

They achieved a satisfactory result after three months of consistently running their Facebook Ads.

During this period, their Ad response rate grew by 40%, attracting more high-quality leads, and their eCommerce website conversion rates increased by 80%!

Start Using Facebook As Your Business Tool

According to the ISLEE’s success story, the power of Facebook ads can help your business achieve unexpectedly excellent results. All we have to do now is start using it as a tool to help us grow our business.

Understandably, this subject can be quite complicated for a beginner. Therefore, if you’re not sure where to start with your Facebook presence and Ad, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve put up a webinar for you to learn more about the functionalities of a Facebook business page and how to set up Facebook ads in simple steps! 

Master Facebook for your Business

Event Details:

📅 Date:17 Feb 2022

⏰ Time:10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

📍 Venue:ZOOM


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You will not want to miss this webinar. Join us now to learn from expert!

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