Adopting Cloud Computing Among Enterprises in Malaysia: Here’s Why


Adopting cloud computing

Digital transformation for businesses is imperative to sustain global developments, business in Malaysia is in the transformation phase to a holistic digital environment

New age developments like cloud computing have scores of benefits for organizations, in terms of infrastructure cost, scalability, and reliability.

In the conventional information systems network, irrespective of the size of the business, organizations require a wide range of IT infrastructures like servers, network systems, application security solutions, and another set of tools for managing the in-house systems environment. 

Whereas in the cloud computing solutions, the service providers help the clients in choosing the right kind of cloud service offerings.

The main advantage of choosing the cloud computing model is about easing many complexities integral to the conventional Information systems network

Cloud service providers in Malaysia are offering great value propositions for businesses eying the digital transformation to cloud computing

Cloud computing in Malaysia is in its nascent stages, and when the digital transformation of businesses adapts cloud computing solutions, it can lead to a paradigm shift in industry 4.0 Malaysia and digital transformation in Malaysia

Cloud computing technology can be summarized as a systematic approach wherein enterprises use third-party data centers, servers, or application networks to host their respective information systems.

A key advantage of such engagement is reduced workload on the enterprises to manage IT infrastructure, and related challenges

In parlance to coworking spaces wherein a huge workplace infrastructure is shared between multiple resources, wherein few sets of facilities are private access, and few resources are common sharing among the users, cloud computing exhibits the same phenomenon. 

In the digital transformation of Malaysia, if every small business Malaysia must set up in-house digital and information systems infrastructure, it is non-pragmatic for near future achievement. 

Whereas, when massive data centers and cloud service providers in Malaysia are offering plug-ins and ready-to-deploy infrastructure, it helps the small businesses host their applications in a more secure environment with economic and flexible pricing approach. 

Some of the prime reasons why the enterprises in Malaysia should consider cloud computing for digital transformation in Malaysia‘s vision are:

Optimal Utilization of Resources 

One of the profound reasons why cloud computing has gained traction globally among users is the scope of optimal utilization of resources. 

For instance, when a huge data center is supporting many enterprises to deploy and manage their information systems and business applications in a more secured and maintenance zone, it helps all the stakeholders integral to the system. 

In an illustrative scenario, rather than every enterprise managing a network and IT engineer in their premise and its relative cost, in the cloud computing scenario, it’s the cost of operations for a small group of network and IT engineers are apportioned to the businesses.

This directly cuts the operational costs and uses the available resources for organizational objectives. 

Security and Reliability

data security

Ransomware attacks, phishing attacks, cyber security threats, botnet attacks, and scores of other such issues are always a persistent threat to the information systems network.

Constant monitoring of the system’s network, working on firewall updates and applying multiple scales of antivirus solutions, all require massive efforts. 

Any kind of vulnerability in the systems management can lead to a distinct set of challenges and setbacks.

However, when a cloud service provider in Malaysia is chosen for the service offerings, the team in a cloud computing environment uses high-scale monitoring solutions and deploys robust firewalls and resources essential for the security of the whole network.

Also, the service level agreement from the cloud service providers Malaysia offering commitment for server uptime is a value-added benefit. 


One of the profound reasons enterprises prefer a cloud computing environment is attributed to the ease of scalability.

Depending on the organizational requirement, the server space or bandwidth or the user license for accessing the software applications can be scaled up or scaled down.

The scope for flexibility is high in the cloud computing environment.

Unlike the conventional in-house set-up wherein the IT resource available is fixed, irrespective of underutilization or overutilization, cloud server providers in Malaysia offer flexibility.

Depending on the need of the enterprises, digital transformation in Malaysia can take place in a flexible environment.

Shared Resources

From the environmental sustainability perspective too, adoption of the cloud computing among enterprises in Malaysia can benefit a lot for society. 

Imagine every small and large enterprise having multiple servers, operating the necessary air conditioning units, power consumption for accessory systems of data servers, and quantum of energy consumption is exponential. 

Whereas when few sets of large-scale data centers are managed with limited human resources, optimal infrastructure can do scores of benefits for society.

The drop in energy consumption, and reduced human efforts in monitoring and controls, benefit all the stakeholder’s part of digital transformation in Malaysia


As most of the global information systems are moving to cloud computing solutions, digital transformation in Malaysia should be over cloud computing solutions, wherein the enterprises from Malaysia should align with the global trends.

Aligning to global developments with IT infrastructure could be hampering the progress and quality of digital transformation Malaysia envisioned.

While there are scores of benefits and reasons discussed above assuring as right decision to choose cloud computing as the future ahead, some of the critical factors that enterprises in Malaysia should consider in the process are

Reputed and competent cloud service provider Malaysia must be chosen for the process of migration to a cloud computing environment.

Service Level Agreements with the cloud computing service provider for the services must be adequate and cover all the critical elements. 

Data migration to and from the cloud computing service environment needs special attention, and deliberation on the process, tools, and techniques integral.

Cloud computing solutions have expanded multifold, and choosing the right kind of cloud computing model is paramount for the successful handling of the enterprise systems

Thus, selection of the competent service providers like Exabytes Malaysia can be resourceful for the enterprises in identifying the right cloud computing solutions and leverage from the sustainable developments in cloud computing and digital transformation in Malaysia.

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