Do Most Affiliate Marketers Make These 5 Common Mistakes? Studies show..


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Affiliate marketing is getting more common these days.

However, many still reckon they’re not earning enough from it.

Today, let us reveal the 5 most common mistakes made by most affiliate marketers during their affiliate marketing journey, according to online studies.

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Mistake 1: Hope for Instant Results

Affiliate marketing is about building relationships.

People trust you, so they listen to your recommendations and buy from/via you.

In other words, it’s not without effort.

Affiliate marketing, just like most businesses, also requires time to build.

As an affiliate marketer, patience and determination are also what you need.  

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Mistake 2: Wrong Target Audience

Most beginners face the same problem: targeting wrong audience.

One of the main reasons people don’t buy is that they are not interested in your products.

If you target the right people who are already searching or surveying for the product you offer, do you think it will be much easier to close the sales?

The answer is a resounding yes.

So the next question is how to find the right audience?

From our experience, the best affiliate marketers adopt the method of A/B Testing to find out their group of target audience.

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Mistake 3: Overselling

Overselling your affiliate products is also one of the mistakes for most beginners.

Are all your blog posts, text, emails and advertisements too “hard sell”?

People by nature don’t like to be sold to.

To overcome this problem, a little change on your mindset can help.

Instead of selling, you help your audience.

You can provide a helping hand by giving solutions, suggestions and recommendations.

Try to build a relationship with them.

The more your followers/customers trust you, the higher chances they will buy from you.

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Mistake 4: Give up too fast

Give up too fast is one of the common mistakes that affiliate marketers made.

So remember, if you’re the one who persists longer, you can be the winner in this.

More often than not, affiliate marketers give up too fast to try on other things.

Well, similar to running a business, persistence is the key to success. Affiliate marketing is in fact, a type of business too.


Mistake 5: Not building a list

Not building a list is the most common mistake that an affiliate marketer gets into.

So why an email list is so important?

An email list is a key for your to communicate with your potential customers.

By keeping in touch with them by email, even though they do not buy now, chances are high that they will get back to you in the future when the products you’re selling have special offers.


But isn’t email outdated? People are on social media now… NOT REALLY.

According to, email had a median ROI of 122% (2016)—much higher than other marketing channels including social media, direct mail and paid search.

This shows the importance of email marketing in getting sales.


Making money online requires as much effort as making money offline.

You have to put in your effort and time to build it.

The good news is, Exabytes understands this and we are ready to help you to build this online business together.

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