angpou and 2 Mandarin oranges

Happy Lunar New Year to all our valued customers, friends and family out there! This year, we had the auspicious lions in action at Exabytes HQ and all the branches, including Singapore to greet our customers, send out the auspicious wishes and march into a better year! In Chinese customs and traditions, lion dancing is to bring fortune and scare away the evil spirits.

#1 Penang HQ @ Penang Suntech

pink lion dance at Suntech, Penang

2 pink lion dance at Exabytes Suntech lobby

2 lion dance at Exabytes, Suntech Penang, lobby

Exabytes Penang Headquarter group photos

For full album, please visit : Happy CNY 2015

#2 Puchong Office @ SetiaWallk

lion dance performance at Exabytes Puchong office

2 lion dance performance at Exabytes Puchong office

lion dance performance at Exabytes Puchong office

Chinese new year Exabytes Puchong office lobby

For full album, please visit : Happy CNY 2015 @ Puchong Setiawalk Office

#3 Singapore Office @ AZ Building

Exabytes Singapore office

lion dance at Exabytes Singapore office

Lion dance and Chan Kee Siak at Exabytes Singapore office

Exabytes Singapore group photo at CNY 2015

For full album, please visit : Happy CNY 2015 @ Exabytes (SG)

Of course, the Exabee were elated when they received Ang Pow from our CEO, Mr. Chan Kee Siak 😛

Last but not least, we at Exabytes wish everyone a Prosperous and Auspicious Chinese New Year! May you have a fantastic new beginning at work!


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