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Affiliate Made Simple - 10 High-Converting Ways to Promote Affiliate Products

Promote affiliate products? Top 10 high-converting marketing strategies you should know

How to promote affiliate products on your platforms effectively without sounding salesy and made your audience feel annoying?
What is Data Centre - Which tier (1,2,3,4) is right for your business

What is Data Centre? Which tier ratings (1,2,3,4) is right for...

A data centre is a facility composed of networked computers and storage. Companies, big or small, use the facility to organize, process, store and distribute large amounts of data.
80% Increase in Sales with Digital Marketing Solution

ISLEE Fashion: 80% Increase in Sales with Exabytes Digital Marketing Solution

An early adopter of inbound marketing, ISLEE is able to confidently rely on a steady flow of traffic and leads generated by their eCommerce website. However, one additional source of traffic and leads on which they wanted to capitalize was online advertising via Facebook
What is Affiliate Marketing and How Beginners can get started

Affiliate Made Simple: What is Affiliate Marketing and How Beginners Can...

Affiliate marketing is when you promote the products or services of other companies. You help make the sale, and the company will reward you.
What is a Website Cookie and How does it work

What is a website cookie and why do websites always ask...

Most of us would just hit the accept button without knowing what cookies actually mean.
Share the Love MY and earn rewards - Exabytes Refer a Friend Program

Exabytes Refer a Friend Program – Earn up to RM 350...

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the Exabytes Refer A Friend Program, created to reward our loyal customers who take the...
Women in Leadership 2021 International Women's Day

Women Leadership 2021: Women Entrepreneurs with Exabytes

In conjunction with this year’s International Women’s Day, Exabytes is collaborating with the Penang State Government to launch the campaign #WomenWeCan Women Entrepreneurship with Exabytes.
Exabytes Affiliate Program - Change in Commission Structure 2021

Exabytes Affiliate Program – Change in Commission Structure (UPDATED 2021)

We are excited to announce that with effect from today 1st March 2021, the affiliate commission rate will be changed from percentage to a...