Nicole Chang

I help a company to brainstorm and implementing event plans and concepts that help on branding. Passionate and enthusiastic marketing and public relations professional dedicated to improving communications for clients.

E-Commerce Website vs. Online Marketplace – Which is the best option...

When you decide to kickstart an E-Commerce business, we understand there is always a dilemma between creating your own E-Commerce website or selling on the marketplace. But fret not, you will find the best solution in this post!

Outbound Marketing vs Inbound Marketing

Outbound Marketing vs Inbound Marketing: Which is Better? We often come across terms like ‘Outbound marketing’ & ‘Inbound marketing’. So what are they?

Transactional Email vs Marketing Email: Which is Right for You?

Exabytes Transactional Email is a tool designed for businesses to send a customized email to customers and give a high open-rate. Check out the difference between transactional email & marketing email

Effective Ways to Get Export Sales Leads through Ecommerce in 2021

How can SMEs seize opportunities and adapt quickly to meet the growing demand of buyer's behaviours shifting from traditional ways to sourcing online?

How to Start Your Business Budgeting for 2021

Time flies, and it's now Q4 of 2020. This is the time of year when marketing departments begin looking at their business budgeting for...

Get Your Business Exposed to 500,000 Customers

Are you looking for a place to promote your business? We got you! Exabytes is going to support local, small, and medium enterprises (SMEs)...

Exabytes Launches Sama-Sama Digital to Bersama-Sama Support Bumiputera SMEs Impacted by...

PENANG, 18 August 2020 - Exabytes launched Sama-Sama Digital, an initiative with Ekuiti Nasional Berhad (Ekuinas) through its corporate social responsibility unit, ILTIZAM to...

Entering the Shift Age: Opportunities Post Digital Transformation

SME DigitalFest is back! The upcoming SME DigitalFest 3.0 Webinar aims to update your understanding of digital transformation, and most importantly, the OPPORTUNITY that...

What’s Next After Digital Transformation?

Because of the MCO, we understand the great importance of digital transformation. Of course, transformation is always hard. But the current situation has once...

Get Ready for the New eCommerce Normal

Are you interested in starting an online business? Wish to kickstart your eCommerce business journey? If you need insightful information and valuable advice from...