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Digital Marketer in Exabytes specialised in Domain Name, Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server and Web Security. Online course
php 7.4.0

PHP 7.4.0 Now Available at Exabytes Web Hosting Plans

Announcement: We would like to announce that the PHP version of all our Linux Web Hosting plans are available for PHP 7.4.0 version update. If...
what is raid

What is RAID and how it works?

As more and more sensitive data is being stored on the cloud or servers, data security and redundancy is becoming a sensitive issue nowadays....

SmarterMail – A Fully Managed Business Email Solution

SmarterMail is one of the most popular alternatives to Microsoft Exchange and it offers a business email solution to businesses with a much lower...
default channel grouping

How to Modify Google Analytics Default Channel Grouping

Google Analytic Default Channel Grouping often shows data that is not in an accurate grouping. This situation is confusing, resulting in difficult decision making....
email deliverability email marketing

7 Effective Ways to Improve Email Deliverability

Are you frustrated when all your marketing effort ends up in a junk mail folder/spam folder? We know that troubles you, and that’s why...
exabytes free credit

Claim Your RM30 Exabytes Free Credits

The pandemic has brought a negative impact on the country’s economy and almost all sectors are affected. In an effort to assist businesses to...
5 Trend Pemasaran Digital

5 Trend Pemasaran Digital 2020 yang Mesti Anda Tahu

Pemasaran digital sering berkembang. Apakah yang akan berlaku pada bahagian kedua tahun 2020? Berikut merupakan lima trend pemasaran digital yang utama pada tahun 2020. 1....
Membina Laman Sesawang WordPress

5 Langkah Mudah Membina Laman Sesawang WordPress

Ada Hosting tetapi tidak tahu nak macam mana membina laman sesawang WordPress? Anda boleh menggunakan cPanel atau WordPress dashboard untuk membina laman sesawang anda. Mengapa...
wordpress plugins

20+ WordPress Plugins that can speed up your website

If WordPress CMS is the core of a website, then Plugins are the soul of the website. WordPress Plugins give functions to a website...

Our support team is now available on WhatsApp!

Want a faster customer support response time? Prefer an even more convenient way to get in touch with us instead of via email or...