Backup Your Data with Instant Backup


Instant Backup

What is Instant Backup?

InstantBackup helps to protect the data on all your computers & notebooks by creating a backup, irrespective of their locations.

The backup process is done via the Internet to an external secured data center – some called it in the CLOUD.

The backup process takes place in a fully automated way, e.g. on a daily or weekly basis, without the need of human intervention.

Your backup data is encrypted and securely stored.

The Reasons To Use InstantBackup as below:

1) Multi-Platform

InstantBackup is available for the most common operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX and Solaris.

2) Reliable

Backups are executed consistently. When a backup is not executed because the computer is switched off, the backup will automatically start when the computer is switched on.

3) Easily Restored

Restoration of data is very fast and easy. You select the backed up data and choose the target location. In no-time your files and folders are back on your computer.

4) Web Access To Data

Through a secure web access you always have access to your data. Therefore you can restore data, without having the InstantBackup software installed.

5) Strong Security

Security methods such as data encryption (AES 128 or 256 bit) and a secured internet connection (SSL, SOAP message signing) guarantee the privacy of user data.

The whole security process has been researched by a security scan of Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO).

6) Very Easy and User Friendly

To use the InstantBackup software, you don’t need extensive IT-knowledge. Installation and maintenance are very easy and are supported by wizards.

Software updates are fully automatic.

InstantBackup also provides other benefits for the computers and notebooks users to protect and backup their data from disasters.

Hurry up and get your data backed up by InstantBackup to protect from losing your important and valuable datas.

Get a Cloud Backup Solution NOW!

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