We’re excited to announce that EasyWork has achieved 10k+ downloads! Hooray!

To celebrate, we want to reward one of you with an Apple iPad!

Banana or Apple Contest

It’s simple. As long as you are an user, you will automatically join the contest. You will stand a  chance to win either 10kg of bananas or an Apple iPad.

It’s Not a joke, one of you will be receiving 10kg of bananas at your doorstep! XD

In other words, two EasyWork users will become the winners of this contest (Yes! One who will receives an Apple iPad, and one who will receives 10kg of bananas).

This contest will run for over 3 months — from September to end of December 2018.

Download & Sign Up for EasyWork Now and stand a chance to WIN the Amazing Bananas or Apple iPad!

Share this funny and rewarding contest to your friends!

Download at https://www.easywork.asia/
iOS Download Here: goo.gl/YWeMQh
Android Download Here: goo.gl/rX18Ns

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