10 Best Affiliate Programs - EASY To Promote, LESS Expensive & PAY High Commissions [Part 1]

Two decades ago and longer, companies invested thousands of ringgit on billboard ads, radio, television and print advertising every year to spread brand awareness. While these advertisements have led many brands to success, the truth is that it is difficult for brands to stand out and generate lots of revenue by solely depending on advertisements. Perhaps that’s the reason why today, these advertisements (aka traditional advertisements) are rather ineffective and obsolete.

In fact, marketing has evolved so much from the last decades to today’s digital age. Affiliate marketing, for example, is an important aspect of digital marketing.

Nowadays, many people make money by joining an affiliate marketing program (or more).

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest types of digital marketing, in which you refer someone to a business website and earn a commission when that person buys the product or service based on your recommendation. You must have heard of Amazon, right? Amazon is actually the largest affiliate marketing program in the U.S.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online, and affiliate marketing strategy is becoming more and more popular in Malaysia. Whether you are a university student who wants to earn some passive income, or a full-time mother or housewife looking for ways to make additional money, affiliate marketing can meet your financial needs.

In this post, we are pleased to present to you some of the high-paying commissions and easy to promote affiliate programs in Malaysia. Let’s check them out.

1) Microsoft Affiliate Program

10 Best Affiliate Programs in Malaysia – EASY To Promote, LESS Expensive & PAY High Commissions [Microsoft Affiliate Program]

As a large technology company, Microsoft provides its own affiliate program, which is said to be one of the best affiliate programs in Malaysia.

Microsoft Target Audience

Microsoft targets almost all audiences in the market — individuals, teams and businesses, as long as they are involved in technology and the Internet.

Microsoft Affiliate Commissions

Commission rate: 5% to 20% per sale

Microsoft provides a dynamic range of tech-related products, such as Windows, Microsoft office, Games and many more and its popularity ensures the products are easy to promote.

Click here to find out Microsoft Affiliate Program and commission tariff chart.

2) Exabytes Affiliate Program

10 Best Affiliate Programs in Malaysia – EASY To Promote, LESS Expensive & PAY High Commissions [Exabytes Affiliate Program]

Exabytes is a leading local web hosting service provider and cloud service provider in Southeast Asia. The company has specialized in providing All-in-One Business Cloud Digital eCommerce solutions to help Malaysia SMEs grow online easily and effortlessly.
Exabytes has one of the highest paying commission affiliate programs in Malaysia.

Exabytes Target Audience

Exabytes targets all Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia. Backed by strong branding efforts, Exabytes has a huge market share in web hosting, a service needed by all online businesses to take their business to the next level.

Exabytes Affiliate commission

Commission rate: RM 150 – RM 350 per sale

From domain name registration to web hosting / Dedicated server, email hosting, website design, SMS marketing, eCommerce solutions and digital marketing, whatever you think about digital, they have it. As an Exabytes affiliate, you can get priority support for your Exabytes account, as well as free Exabytes content to promote to your audience.

Click here to find out more about Exabytes Affiliate Program and commission tariff chart.

3) Shopee Affiliate Program

10 Best Affiliate Programs in Malaysia – EASY To Promote, LESS Expensive & PAY High Commissions [Shopee Affiliate Program]

Shopee is the largest B2C eCommerce platform in Malaysia. Shopee is a place where you can easily find different types of products and earn a commission from them. It provides a fast, safe and convenient online shopping experience.

Shopee Target Audience

Every Malaysian who has an internet access. Shopee provides a wide selection of product categories ranging from household, food, home appliances, office equipment, fashion, toys and many more.

Shopee Affiliate Commissions

Commission rate: 2.1%-7% per sale, depending on the product categories

Shopee is considered one of the easiest to promote affiliate programs in Malaysia. Local and international affiliates will be able to promote Shopee on a cost-per-sale basis, and affiliates can earn high commissions for each successful sales.

Sign up for the Shopee Affiliate program here.

4) Canva Affiliate Program

10 Best Affiliate Programs in Malaysia – EASY To Promote, LESS Expensive & PAY High Commissions [CANVA Affiliate program]

Canva is the most popular graphic design application in the world. It enables users to create social media graphics, infographic, presentations and many more. Users can use the free templates on Canva to create eye-catching posters and banners for their advertisements.

Its mobile app, which is an Editor’s Choice app on the Google Play store, is well-received. In addition, in 2019, Canva acquired Pixabat and Pexels, two most popular free photo marketplaces.

Canva Target Audience

Canva’s target audience ranges from design novices to design influencers; the free version provides enough design features, while the professional version has many additional features for charges.

Canva Affiliate Commissions

Commission rate: $36 (RM 149) for each new Canva Pro subscriber

The main benefits of Cavan are easy to promote and a high-paying commission. Hence, it is also the most popular affiliate program in Malaysia. However, this affiliate program not easy to join. Canva has certain requirements, which is why they prefer to look for these people:

  • Design Influencers
  • Design Educators
  • High-traffic design-related bloggers

If you have a passion for design and would like to turn it into a side gig, then there’s enough motivation to get started.

Find out more about Canva Affiliate Program here.

5) BeRush Affiliate Program (SEMRush)

10 Best Affiliate Programs in Malaysia – EASY To Promote, LESS Expensive & PAY High Commissions [SEMRush Affiliate Program]

BeRush is SEMrush’s Affiliate Program. Semrush is an all-in-one digital marketing toolkit used by more than 6 million people around the world. The reason for its popularity is its massive database of keywords, domains, backlinks, and popular features like domain analysis, keyword research tool, and backlink analysis.

SEMRush Target Audience

The SEMrush marketing toolkit is the best marketing tool for all marketers, digital agencies, content publishers, SEO specialists, and especially those who want to take their online business or website to a new level.

SEMRush Affiliate Commisions

Commission rate: $200 (RM 832) per sale, $10 (RM 42) per trial activation, and $0.01 (RM 0.041) per account registration

The subscription plans offered by Semrush are Pro, Guru and Business. As a member, you will receive commissions from the sales of all these programs.

Note: BeRush is now an invitation-only program. Fortunately, you can join SEMrush’s affiliate program on ShareASale.

Join here directly.

Stay tuned for our next post for the other 5 affiliate programs in Malaysia that are easy to promote and come with high-paying commissions.

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