Best Practices to Against Common Cyber Attacks


Best practices against common cyber attacks

[Latest Updates: 2023]

The modern world is an amazingly interconnected world.

However, these close-knit systems and software also create information security and computer security problems to solve for.

As part of daily life, from driverless cars to smart ACs and lights which can be controlled using an app, even the most basic services like electricity and water supply are “connected”.

This also means information security and computer security have to be top-notch to ensure all the information going around is safe and secure.

Such a hyper connected world is also extremely prone to cybercrimes including cyber attacks, hacking, phishing, malware and ransomware attacks among other things.

Cybersecurity problem

Five Important Cyber Attack Statistics to Consider:

  • 95% of security breaches are caused by human error. (World Economic Forum)
  • 68% of business leaders feel that the level of cybersecurity risks is now increasing. (Accenture)
  • On average, five percent of companies’ folders are properly protected. (Varonis)
  • 43 percent of all data breaches are insider threats, either intentional or unintentional. (Check Point)
  • A total of 22 billion records were exposed in data breaches in 2021. (RiskBased Security)

Businesses of all sizes will continue to face information security risks on a regular basis – the most prominent of which being phishing schemes and malware. Both may be disastrous for unprepared businesses.

What comes to mind is – how one can avoid cyber attacks on corporations, enhance computer security and secure networks from destruction.

9 Best Practices to Adopt Against Cyber Attacks

#1 Educate employees on cyber security.

What one can do to be compliant and safe?

It is recommended to provide regular updates on cyber security, offer training to all employees on how to handle in case of any doubts or risks and tighten up computer security norms internally.

Businesses which are secure, very often, have a dedicated and specialized team to take care of information security and computer security as a function.

Protection awareness training helps employees and IT staff become aware of contemporary computer security protocols.

The cyber protect system helps information security professionals in safeguarding a company’s assets.

When combined cyber security and cloud backup becomes a potent tool in the hands of computer security professional and information security specialists in fighting a battle against cyber criminals.

#2 Configure multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Multi-factor authentication is an effective method of preventing information security breaches and disallowing unwanted users from accessing sensitive data.

MFA, as it is called is also an effective computer security mechanism, for example – having a password and biometrics to lock / unlock a laptop.

One should employ a mix of biometrics, SMS/text messages, emails, and security questions for developing most secure user sign-ins in computer security.

Putting in place additional levels of information security, such as text verification, email verification, or time-based security codes.

#3 Backup and encrypt data

Information security and computer security have never played a more important role than in the last decade or so.

From Teslacrypt which attacked video games, to the infamous WannaCry virus, which brought NHS to a halt for several days while infecting over 200,000 systems in over 150 countries, there has always been a need for encryption, and data backup.

Tools like Veeam protection are preferred by information security professionals while configuring security protocols.

Acronis Backup not only detects, stops, and prevents assaults, but it also allows one to restore data across any environment, allowing their infrastructure to expand, adapt, and innovate without breaking the bank or incurring costly infrastructure changes.

Exabytes Malaysia is an accredited Acronis partner with advanced technical skills to support multiple services including disaster backup solution and cyber protection.

#4 Prevent and defend against cyber attacks

In 2021, there was a 1,885 % rise in ransomware assaults, with computer security vulnerabilities in the healthcare business seeing a 755 % increase.

To avoid such instances it is recommended to deploy cyber security solutions like Acronis protection.

Such tools help in preparing, anticipating and recognizing warning indicators when things don’t seen right.

Identified and learned patterns aid in the classification of threats into whitelist and blacklist categories and appropriate actions for the same would be taken.

The self-defense system of Acronis protection & Acronis Notary will not allow cybercriminals to disrupt the Acronis software, disaster backup solution manages the backup of file content along with the Master Boot Record of Windows-based PCs.

#5 Create a company culture that prioritizes security.

Having a cybersecurity solution may prevent attackers from coming through IT systems and protect against possible computer security breaches.

There are two important stats to consider:

  • More than 34% of businesses around the globe are affected by insider threats yearly.
  • Over the last two years, the number of insider incidents has increased by 44%.

These facts make it necessary to have a company culture that promotes information security and cybersecurity helps in shaping up the entire organization and creating awareness which helps immensely.

Acronis Education Services can help employees drive data protection, migration, disaster recovery service enablement, provide excellent customer support and easily integrate and run Acronis backup.

#6 Safeguard sensitive data first

Since 2021, business detection of cyber attacks cost companies more than £2.24 million per hour and more than £6 trillion per year.

The speed with which one can avoid and / or overcome cyber security breaches with Acronis protection and restore the data has become the need of hour for companies wanting to have robust information security and computer security protection.

Even a tiny exploit within a large IT setup has the ability to corrupt or destroy large-scale database setups and data stored in devices.

It is ideal to encrypt all sensitive data, including customer and employee information, as well as any corporate data with the help of disaster backup solutions.

#7 Conduct routine audits

Although one cannot completely eliminate the danger of cyber assault, one may implement procedures of regularly monitoring and analyzing the cyber security with tools like Acronis protection.

This tool guarantees that the computer security system in place is functional.

Acronis protection helps detect flaws if any and strengthens ironclad defense without causing considerable disruption to the business.

#8 Battle technology with technology.

According to Capgemini’s latest report on Reinventing Cybersecurity with Artificial Intelligence – 64 % of those surveyed said AI lowers the cost to detect and respond to breaches and reduces the overall time taken to detect threats and breaches by up to 12 percent.”

Acronis Backup is the only active, AI-based anti-ransomware solution in the market that overcomes bots with stronger bots.

It focuses on five layers of integration, safety, accessibility, privacy, and authenticity with the help of Acronis protection and disaster backup recovery mechanism. 

#9 Restriction of admin rights

In 2021, 6.2 billion records were leaked from corporations across the world.

One may minimize information security risks by limiting admin access to a small number of employees only.

In the near future cyber attacks are only going to increase and it is recommended to secure the data and apply best information security practices at one’s organization, use security software to increase the computer security.


Exabytes offers Acronis protection to protect data from cyber attack with a single solution.

It includes anti-malware, anti-virus, and anti-ransomware protection, as well as vulnerability assessment and one-click Acronis backup.

Connect with us to learn more.

Cyber Security Solution

How to Adopt Against Cyber Attacks

Best practices against common cyber attacks

#1 Educate employees on cyber security.
#2 Configure multi-factor authentication (MFA).
#3 Backup and encrypt data
#4 Prevent and defend against cyber attacks
#5 Create a company culture that prioritizes security.
#6 Safeguard sensitive data first
#7 Conduct routine audits
#8 Battle technology with technology.
#9 Restriction of admin rights

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