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Here you get to read more about new product and services launches, interviews, community projects and awards here. Plus, you get to know more about the latest partnership and stay on top of the latest company announcements.

We hope to connect with our audience effectively across different channels. Therefore, we leverage our press releases to cater to thousands of media sources. This consist of online, social, broadcast and print media. We appreciate the time media sources are taking to refer and feature us in the own established channels. Hence, we convey the most accurate information as of the date of release.

In addition, we also feature news articles write up from other sources such as online feed sites, review websites, and other independent news sources. Our news article compilations are mainly in English, but there are also articles written in Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia.

For inquiries on press releases, please get in touch with our Marketing Team at [email protected] Alternatively, you can visit our website here for more information. Moreover, you can stay updated by following us on Facebook too!