Chrome HTTPS September Update!


Chrome https update

According to Google, users have expectations that the web is safe by default, and they should be warned when a website is not under secured connection.

Google has started marking all HTTP pages as “not secure” since this July.

Chrome’s positive security indicators that are showing “Secure” will be rolled out in this coming September.

The “Secure” wording will be removed and replaced with just an icon for (Chrome 69) in September 2018.

Reference: Distrust of the Symantec PKI,

https chrome 70

Previously, HTTP was not highlighted on all insecure web pages.

However, the “Not Secure” warning will be effective in October 2018 (Chrome 70).

Google will start to show the red “Not Secure” warning when users enter their data on HTTP pages. Feel free to look at the below example. 

http page with user input

What Should You Do to Give Your Website HTTPS?

To give your website an HTTPS status, you will need to install an SSL certificate to your web hosting.

You can get an SSL certificate to protect your website and avoid being marked “not secure” by Google Chrome.

SSL is no longer optional for your visitors but a must for secure browsing experience in 2018.

Your visitors is more likely to input their email, name, phone number to your website.

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With AutoSSL, your websites are automatically secured with a Domain Validated SSL certificate.


Why is Paid SSL Better Than Free SSL Certificate?

For corporate business and eCommerce player, you are advised to get OV or EV SSL Certificates.

The higher the security, the higher the assurance to web visitors that the website belongs to a legitimate business.

Your transactional information is well covered by Certification Authentication provider. *Apply to paid SSL

You may be interested to know the differences between “Free SSL” and “Paid SSL” Certificates.

Which kind of SSL Certificate that best suits your website’s security? Visit FREE VS PAID SSL

If you have your SSL from Symantec, you need to take note on this as Symantac SSL has done some update from Digicert.

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In 2018, HTTPS has been strongly suggested by Google Chrome.

Google expect that the web is safe by default.

It will be used to protect authenticity on all types of websites, secure data communications within owner of website and visitors.

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