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server colocation last day promotion

[UPDATED 31 Jan 2020]

This promotion has ended.



It’s Exabytes’ 19th Anniversary! We’re excited to extend to you the very Special ‘Buy 1 Rack FREE 1 Rack’ Offer!

**The Complimentary 1 Rack Will Remain FREE As Long As Your Colocation service is active.

Checkout Our Promotion Here

Promotion End 31 Jan 2020

What is colocation?

Colocation, a.k.a. colo, is a data centre facility in which businesses rent a data centre space for their servers, and other computing hardware that support the server, such as networking switch and so on.

In this services, we provide the space, cooling, power, bandwidth and physical security while customers provide servers and other hardware. Space often leased by the rack or room. We also offer extended services, such as support level and managed services to support business operation.

Reasons why choose to use colocation

  1. Reliability. Our data centre facilities offer redundant cooling, power and communication systems that ensure constant connection. Companies can invest in equipment and measures to implement similar systems in-house, however doing so require a significant amount of capex and space.
  2. Performance. Constant cool temperature and a dust-free environment. Even the cleanest offices can’t compare with the cooling and air filtration systems that a state-of-the-art data centre provides.
  3. Security. Data centres and colocation facilities are designed to ensure that your systems are protected from burglars, fires, and other things that can compromise the security of your information.
  4. Reduced Maintenance. In many cases, companies are familiar with server setup, but not server maintenance, which may cause a surge in maintenance costs. With colo, data centres design, monitor, maintain support systems and have dedicated systems and staff to ensure that systems are running at top performance as always. 

For certain organizations or business, colocation can be an ideal solution. 

Why Choose Us?

Local Data Centre

Our Data Centres are strategically located at Exabytes Data Center @ Kuala Lumpur and @ Penang Cybercity. Other data centre locations include Singapore and the US. Check out our data centres HERE.

You are welcome to visit our data centre by appointment and find the best data centre for your servers.

Connectivity with MyIX & JBIX

Exabytes Data Centre is now connected with Malaysia Internet Exchange (MyIX) and Johor Bahru Internet Exchange (JBIX). The connectivity improves the stability and speed of data transfer, network traffic and dedicated bandwidth.

Top Level Support

Top level support is included in the Colocation package — we perform basic server monitoring and handling, such as checking the output from the server screen, pressing on/off switch to reset the Server, and swapping a faulty cable.
Moreover, optional Server Management service is available to provide you with a comprehensive list of services (optional).



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