CONGRATS To Winners of Host & Win Q2!


Host & Win 2013 Quarter 2 winners

CONGRATS To Winners of Host & Win Q2!

Are you excited to find out who the winners are? Hurray! The winners of a Sony Xperia Z worth RM1999, a Sony System Camera NEX With Lens worth RM1899, a Sony Bravia LED HD TV worth RM1499 and 20x Exabytes Hosting Vouchers worth RM100 are NOW REVEALED!

Here we want to say a MILLION THANKS to you our valued customers and supporters for your loyal support all these years!



First Name Last Name Prize
Shen Heng Sony Xperia Z
Alex Lim Sony System Camera Nex With Lens
Nicolle  Loh Bravia LED HD TV
Lau Chee Loong Exabytes Voucher RM100
Kok Seng Leong Exabytes Voucher RM100
Muhamad Ekbar Senin Exabytes Voucher RM100
Charles Chandran Exabytes Voucher RM100
Law Wai Keong Exabytes Voucher RM100
Hamid Sultan M Jahabar Maricar Exabytes Voucher RM100
Claire Chua Exabytes Voucher RM100
Krisnahost Mathavan Exabytes Voucher RM100
Mohd Suffian Hj Moidu Exabytes Voucher RM100
Mohamad Zaky Salihodin Exabytes Voucher RM100
Sam Soh Exabytes Voucher SGD40
Jennifer Goh Exabytes Voucher SGD40
Onassis Gan Exabytes Voucher SGD40
Norbert Jacobsen Exabytes Voucher SGD40
Theresa Ngiam Exabytes Voucher SGD40
Alex Dostoevsky Exabytes Voucher USD30
Ershadul Hoque Exabytes Voucher USD30
Ramon Chan Exabytes Voucher USD30
Guillermo Lerch Exabytes Voucher USD30
Venkatesan R Exabytes Voucher USD30


Winner Announcement By Email

In these few days, DO NOT Miss any emails sent to you by Exabytes. All winners will receive an email from us & all you need to do to claim your PRIZE is to reply to us before 31 July 2013!


Host & Win Q3 Is Set to Excite Soon!

Yes! Host & Win Q3 will be here soon. Stay tuned & WIN tempting & fabulous prizes WITHOUT even submitting an entry! Just Host With Us.


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