How On-Demand Courier Services Affect Small Businesses


On-Demand Courier Services Affect Small Businesses

Courier service companies have grown faster than the economy. Then, in the face of strong competition, the quality of service inside the courier firm becomes increasingly crucial, and it becomes the fundamental competitiveness of courier service companies.

According to the Chamber of Commerce, more than 99.9% of enterprises in the United States classify as small businesses, employing over half of the working population.

Unfortunately, these firms have been among the most damaged sectors of the economy by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Malaysians are increasingly turning to online shopping for basic necessities as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has made many people housebound.

Small businesses have been pushed to pivot and adapt to new ways of selling as buyers learn to take advantage of the ease of e-commerce platforms.

How on demand economy help small business stay afloat

Running a small business entails more than just recruiting staff and ensuring that everyone is doing their job correctly.

There are many ins and outs going on behind the scenes that many people are unaware of.

The courier services business in Malaysia emerged in the late 1990s. The service sector has made an important contribution to this accomplishment. Courier services are a subset of the services industry, which is still growing.

It appears that adapting a small business to the on demand economy is a simple option. Should an employee leave the firm to make deliveries, or should a courier service be used?

So, here are five reasons why one should hire a courier service for their small business:

1# Simple to Use

Using courier services is also very straightforward. This saves time for small business by allowing staff to focus on their job obligations rather than delivering items or papers to clients.

Many courier services provide online administration tools for their customers to manage their accounts.

These online tools will allow small businesses to schedule deliveries, choose their packaging, and much more. It is no longer necessary to visit a venue or spend time on the phone preparing things.

2# Delivery Time

The delivery speed is one of the most significant advantages received by small businesses that employ a courier service.

Nothing beats the quickness of a local courier service when it comes to conventional mail.

During the delivery procedure, the item will never change hands, boosting not only speed but also safety. Courier service will also not languish in a warehouse for days on end waiting to be delivered.

3# Reliability

Courier services are well-known for being dependable. A courier service will treat the box as if it were their own, ensuring that it arrives at its destination without getting lost or damaged along the route.

Many courier services also include tracking software, allowing you to follow the delivery from its origin to its final destination.

4# Affordability

Courier services are among the most cost-effective choices for sending packages or documents on the market today.

When it comes to sending things or papers, using a courier service is the most cost-effective alternative for small businesses.

The expense of establishing a fleet of delivery cars for the organization might be too expensive. One must not only acquire automobiles but also pay for auto insurance and hire delivery drivers.

Courier services currently have some of the most competitive per-mile costs on the market.

5# Insurance

Small businesses, regardless of sector, will not ship vital items or papers without first ensuring their security.

Courier services are completely insured. This implies that the shipment will be covered if it is broken or lost while being handled by the courier service.

Three Best Courier Services in Malaysia

1# Lalamove 


As a result of the on demand economy, delivery services such as Lalamove have increased.

“Our orders increased tenfold last year compared to the previous year, before the epidemic began,” Lalamove managing director Jane Teh told the Malay Mail.

“Our regular customers have climbed by around 300 percent.” She went on to say that many people rely on on demand economy businesses like Lalamove and that such businesses have become an essential part of life during lockdowns.

The courier service vehicle types span from two-wheelers like motorcycles to four-wheeled vehicles, including vans, and huge trucks for bulk and heavy commodities.

2# Easyparcel


The growth of the on demand economy with eCommerce has important economic and societal implications.

Consumers’ purchasing habits are changing, and small businesses must adapt their business strategies with courier services and marketing to the new environment.

EasyParcel is a platform that will enable one to locate and compare the best courier services in Malaysia. It collaborates with over 60 local and international courier firms, including Pos Laju, Pgeon, Skynet, DHL, ABX, and FedEx.

When a small business makes a fresh top-up with EasyParcel, it may take advantage of a number of perks. Shipping expenses can be greatly reduced while also earning EasyReward points based on the amount topped up (RM1 = 1 EasyReward point).

3# GDex

gdex website singapore

GD Express (GDEX) a courier service, was founded in 1997 and has since expanded to over 150 stations throughout Malaysia and Singapore. GDEX is a Bursa Malaysia Primary Board-listed company with two main operational segments: express delivery and logistics.

The GDX Group’s Malaysia operations revenue fell 17.7% to RM76.4 million. Domestic revenue was reduced as a result of increased competition and more new market entrants.

The competitive pricing climate is damaging, with some businesses providing free courier service to increase their volume.


In Malaysia, courier services have long provided on-demand delivery, allowing customers to select the day and time of pick-up and delivery.

Furthermore, various courier services companies, such as, J&T Tracking, and others, have brought up the on demand economy and the power of shipping to Malaysians’ fingertips through their applications.

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