Create Your First SMS Marketing Campaign


Create Your First SMS Marketing Campaign

Before Getting Started

What is a Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign?

Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign is an essential marketing solution for business especially SME & Enterprise.

With Exabytes Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign, You can update your customers on product & service announcements, payment reminders, membership day, special discounts and promos.

You only need to send short and straightforward messages to your customers.

Read here to understand more about Bulk SMS Marketing.

Get ready! It’s time to learn how to create an SMS campaign in 3 easy steps.

How to Create an SMS Campaign in 3 Easy Steps?

  1. Select your customers/prospects’ phone numbers under “Phone Book”.
  2. Rename your campaign under “Campaign Name” for your reference.
  3. Fill out the messages that you’d like to send out in the “Message” column.

*Remember to keep your messages short, simple & straightforward.

Exabytes SMS Compose

*1 credit = 1 message (based on the rate of bulk SMS Malaysia)

4. Finally you are ready to send it now or later.

Start your SMS marketing to get more leads and engage with your existing customers.

Refer here if you have no idea how to do well in your SMS marketing campaigns.

Grab free 50 credits today to blast your offer to all customers!

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