Creative Technology Competition 2018



Creative Technology Competition 2018

Last week, the Creative Technology Competition 2018 was held at Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman (Penang Branch). With its aim to explore and discover local talents in the engineering field, the competition had successfully attracted highly potential secondary school students from Penang.

The director of the institute, Zhuo said that creativity and technology affect our daily lives. However, the new generation of primary and secondary students are lacking of interest in these vital knowledge.

These lead to the decreasing number of professionals and technical personnel in technology companies and enterprises.

In recent years, many schools have collaborated with various companies to organize different activities to stimulate student interests, but to only average results.

She also shared that school has cooperated with a number of technology companies to organize various promotion activities to let primary and secondary school students understand the industry and growth of engineering skills.

She believed that this can lead the children to follow in the footsteps of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Plus, this can aid in cultivating their soft skills. The application of technology to everyday life can train their logical thinking, creativity and teamwork.

Overall, more than 25 students participated in the event that. The winning team will participate in the national competition this September by Penang Science Cluster.

We were cordially invited to the opening ceremony alongside talent development and managers from ViTrox Corporation Bhd, Keysight, Motorola and more. It was an exciting moment! We hope the students are inspired to strive better for the upcoming competition later this year.

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