Exabytes Client Dashboard Walkthrough


First, Welcome to Exabytes.

To make sure that you make full use of our client portal, a simple tutorial will be shown below. Let’s take a look at it!


Client Area Login 

Log into your client area through Exabytes homepage or Client Area to manage your account.

You may login with your registered email address or through your Google account.

client area login

This is your client area dashboard where you will be able to manage your own domain and any other services.

Exabytes client area


Product Management

If you wish to manage your products and services with Exabytes account, click on the ‘My Services’ on the top of the left corner. Then, click on dropdown menu which is the ‘My Products/ Services’ as shown in the image below.

Exabytes dashboard manage service

If you wish to addon or subscribe for more additional products, you can find it from the dropdown menu and click on the ‘View Available Addons’ in order to view the additional products that we have to offer.

Exabytes dashboard add on menu


Managing Domain Names

If you want to manage all of your domain names, you could go the ‘Domains’ tab on the menu. Then, click on the ‘My Domains’ from the dropdown menu and it will lead you to your domains page. You are able to monitor and manage all of the domain name that you owned in Exabytes.

Exabytes client area manage domain

When you open the dropdown menu of the ‘Domain’ tab, you could find out there is a ‘Manage DNS’. At this page, you could manage the DNS settings of your domain, Nameserver, A records and other settings that are related to domains.

exabytes client area dns management

Next, the second item on the dropdown menu ‘Renew Domains’ is the page that you able to make a renewal payment for your domains. If you do not own any domains, then your page will be shown as same as below.

Exabytes client area renew domain

For transferring your domain to us, you may go the ‘Domain’ tab, and click on ‘Transfer Domains to Us’ which on the dropdown menu.

Exabytes client area transfer domain

If you wish to register a new domain, you may click on the last item of the dropdown menu which is ‘Domain Search’.

Exabytes client area domain search


Billing Management

In this ‘Billing’ tabs, you may manage your invoice, credit notes, quotes and also your credit card.

exabytes client area invoice

Exabytes client area credit card


Join Our Affiliate Program

If you feel that our services is fabulous and you would like to refer your friends while earning a commission, you can always opt in to join out Affiliate Program.

Exabytes client area affiliate program

We hope this guide can help you to understand Exabytes dashboard better and help you to perform the action you needed. If you have any problem with your dashboard, please do feel free to contact us at any of our channel.

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