Networking Beyond the Clouds: Datacentre & Cloud Infrastructure Summit 2024

data center and cloud summit 2024
Datacentre & Cloud Summit 2024

To support Malaysia’s tech-driven transformation and the government’s investment initiatives totaling $16.35 billion between 2021 and March 2023, Tradepass hosted the 3rd Edition of the Datacentre & Cloud Infrastructure Summit (DCCI) in Kuala Lumpur on 14th -15th of May 2024, at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC).

The Summit commenced with an impactful speech by MDEC CEO Ts. Mahadhir Aziz, which focused on “Envisioning Malaysia as a Leading Technology Hub with Advanced Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure.”

This address also served to advance the objective of Bolstering Malaysia’s Position as a Leading Digital Hub in ASEAN.

Networking Lunch Sponsor
Networking Lunch Sponsor

Throughout this summit, we are honored to participate as a Networking Lunch Sponsor in an event that emphasises on building a vibrant and digital Malaysia with multi cloud & hyper-scale data centres.

Session sharing by Eric Foo, Exabytes’ Executive Vice President and Head of Enterprise Business
Session sharing by Eric Foo, Exabytes’ Executive Vice President and Head of Enterprise Business

Empowering Enterprise Growth Using Digital

During the summit, Eric Foo (Exabytes’ Executive Vice President and Head of Enterprise Business) delivered an insight session on the topic “Empowering Enterprise Growth Using Digital.”

He highlights that digital transformation is not merely a journey, but rather a continuous process essential for an organisation’s success, emphasising that it is not merely a destination to reach.

Eric also mentioned the reasons behind adopting a Cloud-First approach, citing advantages such as agility and speed to market, optimisation of operations and maintenance costs, auto-scalability, and more.

datacentre and cloud infra summit 2024 appreciation photo on stage

Exabytes booth at Datacentre & Cloud Infrastructure Summit 2024

Cloud-First Digital Transformation Services

Therefore, this also embodies Exabytes’ commitment to Cloud-First Digital Transformation Services, offering Everything-as-a-Service with a pay-as-you-grow business model, Cloud and cybersecurity-centric solutions, and managed services aimed at minimising IT expenditure.

Additionally, we provide SLA-driven bundled solutions and services offerings.

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