Designing with ChatGPT: Merging Creativity and AI at The One Academy Penang


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Thanks for the opportunity given by The One Academy of Penang, especially Mr. Leong Wai Khong, the Head of the Faculty of Digital Media Design at The One Academy Penang, to share on how to integrate AI into designs.

Even though it is already in the middle of the semester break, this sharing was still able to attract 40 participants, primarily digital media and advertising design students, to join this unique session.

Although it was a short sharing session, we were able to explain what ChatGPT is – its introduction, real case studies or usage on how to integrate the concept into designs, tips to use AI to win competitions, and some tips on how to use ChatGPT to find a job, especially for students.

the one academy penang particpants listening to sharing session

One of the highlights during the case studies section was when the speaker, Martin Tang, the digital marketing manager of Exabytes Digital, shared about the real-life usage of combining AI technology into design creation.

For example, he explained the process and workflow of using ChatGPT to analyze a blog post and then turn it into a suitable prompt to generate images for featured blog post images.

This method greatly saves a lot of time for designers, as they no longer need to put in effort to find suitable stock photos. Additionally, they might need to further edit some elements to ensure they match the company’s corporate identity (CI).

students and lecturers of the one acedemy penang attending ai design sharing

He also mentioned two other popular AI generator tools in the market, Dall-E from OpenAI, and some content creators via Stable Diffusion. During the session, all the students were impressed with the creative process using AI in design.

Furthermore, he shared an additional free Chrome extension called AIPRM for ChatGPT. This extension serves as a great starting point for users who are new to using ChatGPT.

Lastly, he continued to share how to use ChatGPT to find a job. This included tips on research, portfolio creation, resume writing, and interview preparation, using ChatGPT to provide simple templates, FAQs, and insights about particular industries, like interior design.

martin tang and group of the one academy penang lecturers

Overall, this sharing session served as a good inspiration for the students, as the content was curated from real examples. The students are now well-exposed to real-world trends and understand the importance of utilizing AI technology tools in design.

Finally, we are sincerely honored to have been given this chance to share industry knowledge, insights, and examples with The One Academy Penang’s students.

We are always open to any future collaborations that will help prepare the students with sufficient skills and know-how to enter the real workforce even during their college years.

We wish all the students a fantastic career journey in the future.

Exabytes Sharing AI: The One Academy Penang

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