What is Domain ID Protection?


What is Domain ID Protection?

What is Domain ID Protection?

Whois ID Protection is often known as ID Protection or Domain Protection.

We would like to highlight this because there are millions of website owners who put themselves at risk by just not enabling protection over their personal details.

Since the current domain regulations (ICANN Rules) require your private contact information be included in a public accessible database (Whois Database), personal details such as contact information can be conveniently harvested by spammers from Whois anytime and anywhere, who would then try to send you spam emails and other unthinkable activities.

Owning a domain name shouldn’t mean you need to sacrifice your privacy, and this is where WHOIS Privacy Protection helps to solve this problem.

Whois ID Protect works in the same way as having your phone number “unlisted”: it prevents people from gaining access to your phone number, email, address, and other private information.

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There are many benefits to having the Whois ID Protection bundle:

Protect Your Private Information

ID Protection ensures the confidentiality of your private contact information. It will not be exposed to the public and is protected by the Domain Privacy Protection Service.

Your contact information will not be displayed but will be replaced with the Domain Privacy Protection Service’s contact information.

When you use private domain registration, your registrar typically creates an alias or unique email address that is used in place of your own within the WHOIS database.

This email address does not remain constant and will be updated fairly often.

Keep Spam & Junk Emails Away

With your private contact information hidden from the public record, your privacy is assured. With Whois ID Protect, the visible email address to public is constantly changing, so while it is being harvested and redistributed, it will change and the previous address will no longer work for spammers.

Complete Control

You may have taken your personal information out of the public WHOIS database but remember, you are still in full control of your domain name.

You can sell, renew, transfer and change settings to your domain name just the same as before. Your domain control panel provides you real-time access to easily manage your domain name.

Is your Inbox over flooded with unwanted solicitations? Do you always receive invitation from telemarketers, sales persons, and spammers who call?  These are signs that you have not gotten yourself shielded yet!

Visit our website for more details about Domain ID Protection features. Exabytes Whois ID Protection

If you have missed out on the “Add-On features” when you bought your domain earlier, you may follow these steps -> HOW TO ADD-ON ID PROTECTION from your Client login.

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