7+ Affordable E-Commerce Website Builders in Malaysia (Update 2024)


Top 7 Budget E-Commerce Website Builders in Malaysia

The concept of E-commerce is evolving, and there is an inherent need for businesses in Malaysia to focus on contemporary solutions in developing the websites for their business.

Outsourcing website development to third-party companies is not a new normal, and there is a plethora of website builder solutions available for businesses to create their website.

Choosing an affordable website builder, and ensuring a good website is developed from the business is a priority.

Affordable website builders have become a boon for small businesses. With limited costs and available choice of templates from website builders, the scope for developing e-commerce websites is phenomenal.

Not all business teams are acquainted with coding, this has led to ecommerce website builder Malaysia becoming a new buzzword amongst online business and ecommerce website owners of Malaysia. 

The purpose of developing a website is about using them to promote the products and services to customers, increase traffic to the website using digital marketing and SEO processes, deliver marketing insights, and boost the online presence of the businesses. 

Choosing the affordable website builder from the various website builder Malaysia options can do good for businesses in creating a key digital presence.

1. WordPress

Twenty Seventeen WordPress Theme

WordPress is among the leading website builders offering empowered features for eCommerce website builders.

It has a distinct range of features and is known to power more than 65.3% of the websites having its CMS system, using the WordPress website builder

Though popular as a website builder, the scope for e-commerce solutions is possible using WooCommerce the e-commerce plug-in developed by WordPress.

Simplicity in installation and customizable features integral to its freeware solution is the major benefit of WordPress website builder

WordPress website builder gaining popularity as an affordable eCommerce website builder in Malaysia.

WordPress is more suitable for businesses like SMBs or large-scale corporations, considering the customization of their websites. 

Many of the website builders in Malaysia are acknowledging the effective platform offered by WordPress as a potential solution. 

2. Shopify

Shopify landing page

Shopify is a global player in the digital solutions segment and empowered around one hundred and seventy thousand businesses globally.

Shopify, over the period, has transformed into a whole suite of all-in-one commerce platforms to develop, deploy, and implement online business. 

The interface systems integral to the affordable website builder engine of Shopify are very user-friendly.

In addition to its core service as an affordable website builder, the other value proposition services offered can help businesses and enable the business to grow to their full potential.

3. Weebly


Weebly is one of the best website builder with a simple drag and drop interface. You can create your own website in minutes. The tool is also very affordable with a free plan and paid plans starting at $8/month.

Weebly has been around since 2006, which means they have been able to work out many of the kinks in their system. It is also worth noting that Weebly offers a lot of free templates and themes for those who just want to get started quickly.

Weebly is one of the best website builder in 2024 because it provides a platform that makes it easy to create and share professional-looking websites without any coding knowledge.

4. GoDaddy 

The other reputed player gaining a foothold as a digital solution service provider globally is GoDaddy.

Known popularly as a domain registration entity, GoDaddy is yet to position itself as a credible and affordable website builder Malaysia.

The services offered as an affordable website builder, the commerce website builder Malaysia platform is online editing, and publishing tool supporting website creation.

The key advantage of the solution is how even beginners or professionals can work developing a website empowering the business.

GoDaddy website builder platforms offer the scope for resources to explore the creative developments of websites using the thematic and custom templates available.

Economic pricing, and variety in the themes offered as an eCommerce website builder and website builder, is a profound choice among website builders in Malaysia.

5. Big Commerce 


Known among the popular website builders and is truly an affordable website builder services like web building, free SSL, and digital development platforms, are effective with Big Commerce.

The structure of Big Commerce as an affordable website builder Malaysia can facilitate large-scale eCommerce business and e-commerce beginners using the CMS and other built-in features, resourceful for managing the website building process.

Specifically designed and customized to the user experiences of Malaysian enterprises, Big Commerce is among the front runners as an affordable website builder and a holistic eCommerce builder Malaysia.

The website builder system offered by Big Commerce is highly adaptive and a user-friendly system of web builder, resourceful for SMBs.

6. HubSpot

HubSpot is more often known for its super effectiveness as a CRM system and has evolved into a holistic service provider offering a pioneering and affordable website builder platform.

HubSpot is not directly powering the e-commerce functionality but has the scope of integration to 200+ e-commerce-related platforms, CMS solutions, and social media integration.

Being on the checklist for many of the quoted elements, HubSpot is among the pioneer digital solution service providers in Malaysia.

Positioned as an affordable website builder service offered by the domain is designed keeping in mind the target market of Malaysian SMBs.

Capitalizing more as a domestic and trusted website builder, the service offerings from HubSpot are appreciated by thousands of its clients.

The value proposition offered by HubSpot to its customers as an affordable website builder, their focus all along is on trust from its customers for the range of website builder services and other digital platform services offered.

The marketing campaigns and customer behavior analytics and other such features are value additions from HubSpot as an affordable website builder in Malaysia.

7. Wix 


Known for its contemporary range of services as a website builder, the value proposition offered by them is phenomenal.

The product maturity as a website builder, from Wix, is about offering a wide range of features as a premium eCommerce website builder in Malaysia.

However, from the pricing perspective, the services offered by Wix are premium in charges compared to the other league players in website builder Malaysia.

For the customers flexible with their budgets, the user experience with the Wix website builders can be phenomenal.

Also, for website builders who are beginners, using the Wix website builder is a good start instead of choosing WordPress hosting.

Using some of the comprehensive features available, even the eCommerce capabilities can be developed into the website from Wix, the affordable website builder.

8. Zyro

Zyro is a relatively new entrant in the domain and is picking its pace as a contemporary and affordable website builder in Malaysia. Despite website builder becoming increasingly complex due to maturity,

As a website builder, it takes users quickly back to basics. And this phenomenon of the design thinking approach from Zyro is increasing its popularity among young and creative professionals for using Zyro website builder and WordPress builder.

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