10+ Critical eCommerce Website Design Mistakes to Avoid


ecommerce website design mistakes

eCommerce solutions have become an integral system in global business development, and there are hundreds of eCommerce stores and online stores being set up every month. 

There are developments integral to the process of eCommerce website design, which is essential to improve the traction of the stores.

Focusing on the user experience in the online store design is paramount and eCommerce website designs need to consider developments.

Some of the critical mistakes that must be avoided in the website design mistakes to ensure there is a more esthetic and effective range of online store design, transforming into the best eCommerce website examples are highlighted in this article.

Issues of Compatibility 

One of the profound challenges in many eCommerce website designs is the compatibility of the website design across devices.

Research reports indicate that more than 60% of the website traffic hits come from smartphone devices. Very few users prefer to access an eCommerce website from their computers, or tablets.

The eCommerce website templates chosen for the eCommerce website design must be compatible across all devices.

Wrong Themes or Plugins

Wordpress plugin install

The other challenging issue in the case of online website design is the selection of wrong themes or ecommerce website design templates that are not compatible with plugins.

A certain set of website design template themes do not fit all online store design requirements and choosing the more appropriate ones is important.

In the selection of the themes, firstly preparing a checklist of the features essential, the available range of built-in plug-ins, and the scope for addition of custom code, in the online store design is important.

Lack of Design Consistency

Golden ratio rules are some of the principles followed in managing the design consistency across eCommerce website designs.

More often in the eCommerce website templates, the service providers would have taken note of the design consistency.

If the native online website design structure is followed, it is paramount for the teams to ensure such design consistency, and a thematic approach is followed all over.

Design Planning Issues

website design planning

As in the case of business operations, even in the case of online store designs, it is very important to ensure there is a systematic flow of data or process one from one stage to the other, while the scope to go back to basics is handy.

For instance, if the home page to search product linkage and checkout process is not structured, it can be cumbersome for the users.

This might lead to customers avoiding online stores for purchases due to its poor eCommerce website design.

Given the above factors, there is a need for more effective planning and selection of suitable eCommerce website templates.

As a study, it is good for users to visit some of the relevant business eCommerce websites as examples, and run through the process to understand the ease, and challenges if any, which can help in planning your online store design more effectively.

Lack of Appropriate Image Sizes

One of the common challenges across the eCommerce website templates is the image sizes used for designing the online store design.

It is a common phenomenon seen in many online store design where the images for the products or other common images of the website like logo, product images, or other inputs vary in their size and resolution.

This will create disengagement in the user experience in the online store design, and such issues must be avoided.

It is important that high-resolution images consisting clear images and ones that can attract the wide attention of the users.

Trust Issues of the Website

The absence of adequate and appropriate details regarding the product descriptions, pricing, specifications, and kind of information can lead to trust issues for the users.

In the eCommerce website templates, the designers must focus on having a proper framework wherein alongside the product image the requisite details are detailed.

Also, in addition to the product details, the eCommerce website design should have some standard global practices like the about us page, contact page detailing customer support information, delivery partners or merchandise information, etc.

Using the HTTPs security features, trust-certified payment gateway solutions can increase the trust of the users over the online store design used for eCommerce.

Avoiding Flash Content 

The eCommerce site design must be light and easy to load on minimum bandwidth. When the online website design is loaded with too many flash images and videos, the load balancing issues might creep into the eCommerce website design, and it might impact the overall objective.

Faulty Navigation 

The other major issue is faulty navigation and validation coding in online store design. For instance, when the users are navigating to one product page, if the hyperlink is to other random products, it can lead to a disappointing user experience.

The teams must choose the right kind of solutions catering to addressing the faulty navigation challenges and ensure the online store design is robust in functional aspects.

Web Hosting Issues

web hosting

Predominantly online store design is hosted these days in cloud hosting solutions.

However, it is also important that the eCommerce website design solutions are hosted in the cloud hosting solutions, wherein the reliability of service is good, and the information security patterns are high.

Information Security and Privacy 

The other critical aspect of the online store design is to ensure there is a minimal set of personal data being captured about the users, ensuring there is privacy of information secured in the systems.

Many online store design has vulnerabilities in the system, and one must ensure there is the right kind of system integrations to ensure data security.

Some of the other issues to take care of our limiting the popups, ensuring that the designs are changed according to the emerging eCommerce website templates, and priority to the user experience as a priority can help in getting more accurate and effective online store designs.

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