Email Filtering Setup That Ends Your NIGHTMARE of Unwanted Emails!


email filtering setup that ends your nightmare of unwanted emails

When receiving emails, you may want to filter unwanted emails to different locations or forward them to another email account.

This can be done in User and Account Level Filtering.

*Account Level Filtering is the same as User Level Filtering, with the only difference that the filters created here are applied globally for the whole cPanel account.  

Steps on how you can move the email from a particular sender to Junk folder using cPanel Email Filtering

Step 1: Login to cPanel. Search for Email Categories 

login to cpanel and click email filters

Step 2:  Click on [Manage Filters] next to the account you wish to add filters to.

click manage filter

Step 3: To add a filter, click on [Create a new Filter].

Step 4: In the Filter Name field, key in the name you want for the filter.

filter name by send to the junk folder

Step 5: For the Rules option, select From as Contains.

For the Actions option, select Deliver to folder and click on Browse and select Junk.

email filtering to move the junk mail to folders

Step 6: Lastly, click on Create to save the rule.

Hint: To filter all mails that SpamAssassin has marked with a spam score of 5.0 or greater, choose ‘Spam Bar’, then ‘contains’, and enter “+++++” in the box

(Note: If you want to match a spam score of 4, you would use ++++`.

A spam score of 3 would be +++, etc).

More info about SpamAssassin refer ⇒ HERE

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