Embrace Digitalisation to Unlock Future-Ready Businesses


Embrace Digitalisation to Unlock Future-Ready Businesses

Today, everything is in the midst of digital transformation, everything is going from offline to online.

Hence, it is essential that business owners prepare themselves to progress forward by understanding why embracing digitalisation is needed to unlock future-ready businesses.

Digitalisation is important in the current age, mainly part of the pandemic. Besides, as we approach a more evolved technology era, adapting to the present technology is necessary to keep up to date.

As such, in this webinar we will be sharing you the guides on how to kickstart your business digitalising journey from top to bottom.

The webinar will have experts from Public Bank and Exabytes to share insights on useful strategies that help in digitalising your business.

This webinar will dig in deeper on topics such as how digitalisation works, when to start the digitalisation journey, the importance of digitalising businesses, steps needed to maintain business sustainability and most importantly accelerate business through digital transformation.

It is important for business owners to have the right mindset and embrace digitalisation to accelerate business growth and this webinar will help you prepare your businesses future-ready in this highly competitive business world.

Event Details

Date: 10 May 2022

Time: 2PM – 4PM

Venue: Zoom Webinar

Event Objectives

  • To encourage and support businesses in taking their business a step ahead in the digitalisation journey.
  • To take offline businesses online and create more possibilities for business sustainability and continuity.

Exciting Topics to be discussed at Embrace Digitaliasation to Unlock Future-Ready Business

  •       Public Bank Enterprise Digital SME Assist Program
  •       Onboarding your Digitalisation Journey with Exabytes Solutions
        •  Stage 1: First Stepping Stone in Digitalisation
        • Stage 2: Accelerate Digital Business Growth
        • Stage 3: Cloud-first digital transformation to grow your business online
  •       Public Bank Berhad Business Banking Platform- PB enterprise

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At the end of this campaign, you will be equipped with better knowledge on digital transformation.

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