(Continued from Part 1)

Date: 18 November 2012
Venue: Penang Brige

Helping some of the runners to pour water / 100 Plus into their own bottles for later consumption, all of a sudden we heard a groan of pain from a female runner who got a cramp in her leg.

Luckily the St John team was just 200m away. We ran as fast as we could to enlist their help, and were extremely relieved to see that her pain was easing away. Continue to work non-stop, we were exhausted serving drinks to runners who arrived relentlessly.

It wasn’t until 4.00am that we had a chance to munch on our snacks and replenish ourselves with some water. After a brief rest, we began packing our stuff as well as picking up the cups and bottles scattered on the bridge.

Our next destination was set – we were heading to Raja Uda, Butterworth to reward ourselves with the steamy and delicious Dim Sum! The Penang Bridge later reopened at 10.00am and traffic was returned to normal.

The official results were out and made available on the APBIM website soon. After a sound and uninterrupted sleep, we woke up to check the much anticipated results and indeed, it was the group of speedy runners from Kenya who grabbed the first few places.

Recalling the moments we saw them last night at water station 7, all of us were stunned by their lightning-like running speed, although our station was a whopping 21kms from the starting point!

The champion of full marathon had successfully covered 42.195kms at an impressive 2 hours and 31 minutes record, an average distance of 280m in a minute!

Once again, congratulations to all the runners for completing the race. Thank you to the Penang Bridge International Marathon committee for organizing this wonderful event.

Last but not least, we wish to pat all Exabees on the back for successfully completing another challenging feat! Way to go, Exabess!

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