Exabees’ Mid-Autumn Festival Gathering


Date: 13 September 2013

Time: 7.00pm to 10.00pm

Venue: Regency Heights Condominium

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a Chinese festival that is filled with lots of love and happiness. On this special day, family and friends will gather together for some fun and exciting moments that involve moon cakes, good food, lanterns and of course, the beautiful full moon. To pass down this wonderful tradition, Exabees had embraced the strong sense of togetherness, which was topped with enjoyable and sweet memories on the night of 13 September between 7pm and 10pm.

The gathering of 60 people at Regency Heights Condominium, a trendy yet chic apartment in the heart of Sungai Ara was filled with constant laughter and roar from the crowd. Yummy food from Bamboo Catering which offered 12 variations of snacks as well as numerous types of moon cakes and peanuts, served as munchies to those that were there. In order to hype up the whole Mid-Autumn spirit, the hall was decorated with fancy and beautiful lanterns that acted as an eye candy that night.


Also having a gathering ground that brought together spouses and family members under one roof was a great experience for the Exabees. The admiration of the mesmerizing moon and the carrying of lantern were done almost perfectly. Everyone had a wide cherry smile on his or her face that night.

Two games had kept many feeling interested that night. The first game was the traditional guessing lantern riddles that commenced from 7.00pm till 8.30pm. While munching away, 20 questions were asked; participants had to jot down the answers with the pencils and papers given by the OC. When they were stuck, extractions of answers were made through friends and Google.


In the end there were two winners, Eng Keat and Ee Dawn. But a proud winner had to be crowned so the last question was given to them both, and they had to answer it within 2 minutes without any assistance. In the case where both couldn’t provide an answer when the time was up, the ‘asking for help’ session would be opened to the ground, and finally, Dawn won the competition and was awarded RM50 cash voucher and a box of delicious moon cakes.

The second game was a gesture guessing game in which 3 teams with 4 members each took part. Team 1 consisted of Roger, Patricia, Clement, and Miko’s partner while team 2 consisted of Rachel, Mingo, Miko and Jenny. Sven, Chris, Ken and partner were in the third team.  During the game, each member would have to send a representative and draw a random title from the title box. After so, they must deliver the meaning across without using the given words; and the group members must guess the exact title ASAP. Each team was given 3 minutes to answer as many correct titles as possible using rotating method.

In the end, team 3 won and was awarded RM100 and moon cakes. It was truly an exciting night that was concluded with more laughter and rumble. Not only that, after participating in the guessing lantern riddles games, a lot of us had become more agile and ‘literary’.


Wishing all our customers and blog followers a Happy and Memorable Mid Autumn Festival!



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