Exabytes Acquires DomainPlus (HT Internet Sdn Bhd)


Web hosting services and eCommerce solutions provider, Exabytes Group has acquired 100 per cent in HT Internet Sdn Bhd (Domainplus.com.my)to offer more comprehensive online solutions to its customers as a group.

HT Internet and its other solution brands such as ‘GROW’ will continue while the HT Internet team will be integrated as part of the Exabytes Capital Group.

Chan Kee Siak, CEO and Founder of Exabytes Group

Exabytes’ founder and CEO Chan Kee Siak said with the company’s current client base is close to 200,000 hosted website, and it is time that Exabytes is able to convincingly and confidently offer its client base the option of a Fully Managed Website and eCommerce solution, besides just the current pure web hosting services and server space.

Prior the acquisition, Exabytes’ existing business consists of mainly of Domain Name, Web Hosting, Cloud and Servers.

However, Exabytes’ clients who have a domain or hosting account do not necessarily have a website.

Chan said: “Without a website, clients cannot advertise and market their products online. We ventured into Digital Marketing services by offering Google Adwords Digital Advertising service 2 years ago.

“But there was still something missing in between – which is the ability to manage the website for the client. And this is where HT Internet acquisition fits in,” he said in a statement yesterday.

With the HT Internet team integrated with Exabytes, Chan said the company are now able to offer a complete managed website solutions that consist of Domain, Web Hosting, Web Design and On Going Website Management and Maintenance Service.

This invariably makes Exabytes’ total offerings much more complete.

“The acquisition of HT Internet does not change the course of Exabytes Group’s long term strategic business plan.

“In fact, we are piloting this Fully Managed Website solutions idea first in Malaysia. And if it works well, we will also expand to offer the Fully Managed Website services into other markets such as in Singapore and Indonesia where the company already has physical presence in,” he said.

Established since 2011, HT Internet (Domainplus.com.my)https://domainplus.com.my/ manages over 5,000 domain names. Focused on website development, domain name and hosting, search engine optimization (SEO) and Google advertising solutions, the company is known for it’s affordable products and solutions, especially in Malaysia.

Another rationale for the acquisition is the integration and optimisation of resources. Exabytes’ team will take over the management of the HT Internet hosting business while HT Internet team will focus on growing the new Managed Website Service.

Exabytes and HT Internet will share common backend resources for better efficiency.

“We believe that the potential of internet for business has yet to be fully explored in this region. And Exabytes is preparing to help the regional community with our full range of online solutions and eCommerce expertise,” says Chan.

Exabytes projects that its acquisition of HT Internet will contribute at least 5% of the Group’s total bottom line within three years.

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