Exabytes Earns Prestigious Alibaba Worldwide Top List for Exceptional Service Award


Prestigious Alibaba Worldwide Top List for Exceptional Service Award

We are thrilled to announce an excellent achievement for Exabytes as two of our service team members have been honoured with the prestigious ‘Alibaba Global Outstanding Service Personnel‘ award by Alibaba.

At Exabytes, we enjoy helping our customers grow their business using the power of technology and the internet. It gives us great pleasure to know that our customers are growing and expanding their businesses globally.

Just like what CEO Chan once said, ‘we want to make it easy for everyone to run their business, anywhere. This revolutionizes how we do cross border trade. Going global isn’t just for large enterprises.

Our team carries out various programs, including organizing workshops to share knowledge about global e-commerce trends and more’.  

This prestigious award, awarded to Exabytes, is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service, guidance, professional advice to our clients who aim to export their products globally, acknowledging our outstanding performance on the following criteria: 

Proactive Service Coverage

At Exabytes, we believe in going above and beyond to ensure our clients receive proactive and effective service coverage.

Our service team members consistently strive to meet the highest standards, with a commitment to providing at least one effective diagnosis every three months through various channels such as Zoom, visits, video calls, or responsive telephone communication.

This proactive approach to service sets us apart and has contributed to our global recognition.

Diagnosis Role Play Score

Our dedication to excellence is further exemplified by our participation in Alibaba’s channel service qualification system. Initiated by the Central Operations Team, this system involves rigorous exams and diagnosis role-play scenarios.

Our team’s stellar performance in these evaluations has positioned us as industry leaders and played an important role in securing the Global Outstanding Service Personnel Award.

VSR Rate 

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Exabytes’ service philosophy. To ensure we meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, we actively seek feedback through the VSR (Service Satisfaction Rate) survey.

This allows us to gauge customer satisfaction within our CRM, helping us continually refine and enhance our service offerings.

The positive responses received from our clients have not only strengthened our commitment to excellence but have also contributed to our recognition as top performers globally.


Why Join Alibaba with Exabytes?

Alibaba Exabytes Services

The answer is simple: You will get the best support, guidance and professional advice from a local team with half a decade of experience. 

1. Tailored Solutions for Different Industries

Exabytes services cater to a range of industries, customizing our services to meet the unique needs of each sector, from manufacturing to technology and more.

2. Exceptional Service for Global Business Growth

What sets us apart is the exceptional quality of service provided by our experienced team.

From smooth navigation on Alibaba to thriving in the global marketplace, our service professionals excel in product posting, technical support, and in-house design for maximum exposure.

3. Beyond Routine Support

Our commitment goes beyond routine support. Exclusive onboard training sessions teach clients to optimize accounts, understand key features, and enhance overall performance. Monthly data analysis reports offer valuable insights for strategic refinement.

4. Gold Supplier Prestige for Brand Building

Understanding the global market’s importance, our Alibaba service teams ensure brand building through the Gold Supplier program.

Enjoy priority ranking, customized minisite designs, and exclusive access to online events driving significant traffic to your online shops.

5. Effective Global Expansion

Dedicated to efficient communication, real-time performance analysis, and streamlined account management with sub-accounts, our team ensures clients focus on their core business while we handle the intricacies of global expansion.


Final Takeaways

Indeed, going global isn’t just for large enterprises. SMEs can do it too, with Alibaba global platform for exporters!  

As we celebrate this milestone, we invite businesses to join the Alibaba B2B global platform with Exabytes. By becoming an Alibaba Gold Supplier via Exabytes, you can enjoy countless benefits and position your business for success on the global stage. 

Join us in celebrating this achievement and let Exabytes be your gateway to success on Alibaba’s global platform!

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