Exabytes Bowling Championship 2013


Date: 7 December 2013
Time: 10.00am – 12.00pm
Venue: Sunshine Premium Lane

36 brave souls marched into the core of Sunshine Premium Lane in the morning of 7 December 2013, with hope to bring back the crown of Exabytes Bowling Championship 2013.

Let’s see which bowling ball brings me luck *searching*

And of course, the brave souls were us, the Exabees! Before kick starting the whole bowling battle, the head of Sunshine Premium Lane briefed us on the do’s and don’ts of bowling. Then it was time to pick our personal helper, a pair of bowling shoes!  

Our handsome helpers!

Although there was the presence of another company hosting the same event that day, we Exabees did our thing and lifted up the whole atmosphere with our high-spirit roars and cheers. Everyone had a smile on his or her face and laughter was constantly heard!

Time to show my girl power!

Despite all the laughter and smiles, all brave Exabees strived hard to show their skills and abilities to surpass not only their competitors but also participants of the other company.

I’m so going to strike this round!

Thanks to the great effort of Exabytes in preparing free drinks, all battlers were able to replenish their tired souls before entering the second round of bowling battle.

*Gulp gulp* need more power, so drink more!

Sweat and hard work could be seen throughout the ‘bowling battle’ and everyone was so into the game. Midway towards winning, one of the brave souls, Jia Ee was injured and substituted by a pro female battler, Raevon’s girlfriend. However, such injuries did not weary their roaring spirits.

Time to unleash my inner qi.

After a hard battle of 3 hours, the end finally came around 12PM, and that was when cash vouchers were presented to compliment the winning team.

Now call us awesome! ^^ (3rd Prize)

Woot woot, we won too! =) (2nd Prize)

You know we are the best. *smiles* (1st Prize)

Exabees continued cheering and congratulating the winning team, despite the sweat and variation of scores. It was indeed an awesome day for all of us! Last but not least, thank you very much again for the hard work of our organizing committee. Exabees rule!


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