How Exabytes Bulk SMS API Benefits Your Business


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API is a function where a script is made available to other computers. It’s an intermediary software that allows two applications to communicate with each other. Exabytes Bulk SMS API is reliable; it allows you to send and receive messages instantly. Moreover, you can communicate using ASP, JAVA, C++, C#, PHP, and

An SMS API (Application Programming Interface) enables one to integrate SMS services with their:

  • Website
  • Third-party applications or services
  • Mobile apps
  • CRM and more

The most proper way of sending automated bulk SMS messages via your own platform is by using an API that is designed to send SMS messages. Your SMS gateway is protected from external threats. These APIs are secured with Authentication Key. With a reliable bulk SMS API, you can send and receive messages securely and instantly.

For example, SMS API uses: 

One-time Passwords (OTP) via SMS

When you use One-time Passwords (OTP), your messages will definitely reach your target user wherever they are. You no longer have to worry whether the target user has internet access or not. Either way, they can still use a multi-factor authentication solution.

  • Number Validation
  • Fast and Reliable Delivery
  • Secure Online Transactions
  • For Verification Purpose (Especially for Mobile App Users)

Delivery Tracking

With Exabytes Bulk SMS API, you can notify your customers regarding the delivery status by integrating your system with Exabytes Bulk SMS API. Your customers would want to stay updated with the delivery status so that they are present when the parcel arrives.

Benefits of SMS API Integration 

Automation for better productivity

If your business sends messages on a regular basis, Exabytes Bulk SMS API will surely benefit you as you can schedule your tasks and distribute your messages seamlessly without any manual work.

More flexible features 

You have control over the SMS content and can choose how you want to send and receive bulk SMS to the targeted group. Exabytes Bulk SMS API allows you to add new contacts on Address Book and manage your contacts in groups for better customer segmentation. Moreover, you can import new contact lists via .CSV files.

Clear results and reporting

You can monitor the performance of SMS marketing campaigns with key engagement metrics to know which SMS campaign works and how you can further improve.

SMS History

  • Track and monitor your SMS campaign reports daily, weekly & monthly.


  • Track your recipients one by one to ensure they have received your messages.

Fast, reliable, and secure delivery

You can deliver thousands of messages per minute to your customers. Exabytes Bulk SMS API ensures a secure connection to your system. 

In a Nutshell

Exabytes Bulk SMS API provides more benefits beyond sending messages. You can stay connected with your customers and build a good relationship with them. Last but not least, Exabytes Bulk SMS API brings greater automation, efficiency, and flexibility to business communication. 

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