IMG_9341Date: 23 Dec 2014

Time: 6pm to 8pm

Venue: Exabytes HQ @ Suntech, Penang


Christmas is a day for warmhearted gatherings, jolly good time, and most importantly, a Xmas Party!! When the clock truck 6, the hot and yummylicious buffet dinner was already there awaiting for the Exabees. IMG_9299


The long queue for getting the food! IMG_9303

After tucking in the mouth watering food, the Exabees were divided into groups before playing the very interesting “Build the Snowman” and “Wrap the Present” games.


Each group was provided with the materials as seen in the photo above to wrap their presents and build their own version of snowman CREATIVELY!

The cute snowmen handmade by the Exabees! IMG_9354

Next, our impeccable judges chose the winners based on creativity.

Congratulations to the third prize winner! The group was presented with the prize, RM100 cash. IMG_9367

The second prize winner! Congratulations to this group! They won RM200 cash! IMG_9369

The grand prize winner! Congrats on winning RM300 cash! IMG_9372

Up next was the exciting Christmas present exchange session anticipated by all of us! Of course, who doesn’t love presents, right? IMG_9377


The happy Exabees with their presents! IMG_9384


IMG_9311 Once again, Merry Christmas! Hope you enjoyed your Christmas celebration with your friends and family too!

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