Exabytes CSR Sponsorship For Your Charity


Exabytes CSR Sponsorship For Charity

Are you an NGO or not-for-profit organisation offering assistance and good deeds to the community? We, at Exabytes would like to lend a hand in helping your organisation build your online presence.

Other than growing businesses online, Exabytes is also passionate about helping NGOs and not-for-profit organisations grow their online presence, so to enhance the awareness and visibility of your organisation. It is of core importance for a charitable organisation to be searchable and accessible to those in need of help when the time arises, and vice versa, for those who would like to offer help, be able to get in contact with you. As such, Exabytes launched our #ExabytesWeCare sponsorship programme to assist in building your online presence.

What is #ExabytesWeCare?

#ExabytesWeCare is an initiative to assist, give and contribute back to the people of our society and give support to organisations to grow digitally.

Through our resources and capabilities, #ExabytesWeCare’s objective is to help organisations grow their online presence by having a proper business email and website at the very least so that they can be found online to receive and offer assistance. 

#ExabytesWeCare is an initiative to support and assist organisations. We want to lend a hand and grow with you digitally. 

#ExabytesWeCare CSR Sponsorship

In our initiative to give and contribute back to the people of our society and support those whom we can, we want to assist NGOs and not-for-profit organisations in building a proper online presence by sponsoring your organisation a domain and hosting. This will give your organisation its online presence starting with a proper business email and official website. We want to help your organisation in building awareness and visibility online so that you can be found, and reachable to receive and offer assistance.

We strongly believe that with a little help to alleviate extra costs on this front, NGOs and not-for-profit organisations can put their funds to better use in helping those in need, or save lives even.

What’s Offered?

Every successful application will be contacted by our team to further understand the needs, mission and objective of your organisation. We want to thoroughly understand the nature of your organisation so as to be able to build you a best-suited online presence.

The sponsorship will include one free domain and EBiz 12 Plus Business Web Hosting. From here, together, we will build with you an online presence for your organisation and walk you through this digitalisation journey.

Exabytes EBiz 12 Plus Business Web Hosting

#ExabytesWeCare is an initiative to support and assist the community. We want to lend a hand and grow your organisation with you digitally.

Find out more and apply for sponsorship here.

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