Exabytes eCommerce Conference 2013 – Day 1


We’re not sure if you’ve heard, but after many sleepless nights and a few cups of coffee, on the 3-4 December 2013, we’ve finally rolled out the event that got everybody in the e-commerce industry talking, the Exabytes eCommerce Conference 2013!

ballroom of Grand Millennium Hotel KL

Just like last year, the day started early for all of us Exabees, as early as 5.30am!

As soon as we reached the ballroom of Grand Millennium Hotel KL, we made sure that everything was in order before kickstarting the event.

eec 2013 event photo

eec 2013 event photo

eec 2013 event photo

i love shopping bags

Although the event only started at 9am, at 8.30am, the hall was beginning to fill up with more and more participants, eager to learn the tips and tricks from the e-commerce gurus!

After the registration, the participants were served some light refreshment while waiting for the event to start.

eec 2013 event photo

eec 2013 event photo


eec 2013 event photo

eec 2013 event photo

The much awaited event started at around 9.30am, when the MC, Ms Thara Sofian from Exabytes, invited CEO of Exabytes Mr Chan Kee Siak to start his keynote speech.

As the man behind the biggest web hosting provider in Malaysia, Chan shared an overview of the eCommerce scene in Malaysia for the next 12 months and made a convincing conclusion that online business and hosting demand in Malaysia would spike in the very near future.

chan kee siak giving speech during eec 2013

Shortly after that, the conference began with a slot that everybody was waiting for — a special interview with supermodel Amber Chia and how she turned from a supermodel to a entrepreneur!

With her wit and humor, Amber graced the stage effortlessly.

During the interview, she also managed to slip in a few posing tips for the gents and ladies that could be applied for those in the retail industry!

Amber Chia

eec 2013 event photo

eec 2013 event photo

eec 2013 event photo

After Amber Chia’s session, the participants went for a short break and when they came back, the session continued with a forum session on The Path Building an eCommerce Empire, a forum discussed by popular online business owners, Christy from ChristyNg.com, Ray from Frambie.com, and Ken by WorthyBook.com.

The session was moderated by an eBay Certified Trainer, Chris Chan.


eec 2013 event photo speaker

eec 2013 event photo speaker

chris chan
Then, the conference continued with another forum session, moderated by KC Lau from Kclau.com on the topic The Important Factors for Successful Online Business.

The speakers that were invited on this topic were Mr Chan Kee Siak from Easy.my, Mr Arsyan from Ked.ai and Mr Adrian Oh from WebShaper.

chan kee siak sitting


eec 2013 speaker

All the talk and knowledge absorbing were making our tummies hungry!

So we went for a lunch break and took our time to savor the delicious meal prepared by the Grand Millennium Hotel chefs while networking among the participants.

Look at the array of food!

food in hotel

food in hotel


networking session in eec 2013

lunch break during eec 2013

When we came back and all refreshed, the conference continued with a talk given by a special guest from MOLPay, Mr Azizul Othman on the topic, The Convenience and Security Receiving Payment Digitally.

He was one of the favorite speakers on the day!

Being a speaker right after a lunch break would be pretty challenging but his charismatic and lively personality topped that as he got the participants to stand up to do some light stretching before starting his talk! Hehe, fun guy, this chap!

Azizul Othman

After that, the conference continued with a slot on Cyber Security and Intellectual Property Protection in Malaysia, featuring speakers from Cyber Security Malaysia, Ms Carrine Teoh, Mr Lok Choon Hong from Pintas Ip Group and moderated by Mr Karamjit Singh, from Digital News Asia.

eec 2013 event photo

eec 2013 event photo

eec 2013 event photo

It was not too long after that Mr Lloyd Lee from AIMS shared his talk on Why Host Your Business Website in Malaysia Data Centre that highlights the importance of choosing that hosts in a reliable data centre for the business owner’s peace of mind.

Lloyd Lee

Shortly after Mr Lloyd’s talk, Mr Daniel from GHL Systems took over, sharing his views on Fraud Impact in e-Commerce, followed by a forum discussion on the topic Search Engine Marketing VS Social Media Marketing, featuring panelists such as Larry Lim from SearchGuru, Johanqz Ooi from HeppiFace and Pam Siow from Internet Biz Owner Club and moderated by a representative from Packet One Network.

eec 2013 group photo

Next up, Ms Jun from ManagePay Systems shared with the participants on how m-commerce & m-payment acceptance can expand the reach of e-business.

During her talk, she demonstrated how there is a device that you could attach to your phone and make credit card payment as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Ms Jun

They say, save the best for the last. Indeed!

After Ms Jun’s talk, it was the session everybody was waiting for — the SEO session with Mr Francis Lui!

If last year, he shook the walls with her powerful speech, this year he did it again as he bared his SEO tricks on the topic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) + Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) = SEO2.

Francis Lui

With the end of Mr Francis powerful presentation, marks the end of Day 1 of Exabytes eCommerce Conference 2013.

Before leaving the hall, all the speakers were given a pot of plant as a symbol of “business growth” as well as a token of appreciation for being part of the event, and the participants were also given free copies of their pictures taken randomly during the event for them to take home.

eec 2013 plant gift

eec 2013 still photos

Stay tuned as we’ll reveal the bits and pieces that happened during EEC 2013 Day 2 soon!

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