Exabytes Frifast is Back!


What is Frifast?

Yes, Frifast is known as Friday Breakfast. First of all, three teams will be in charge for breakfast food preparations on Fridays for the hungry Exabees. A winner and a loser will be voted at the end of the event. The loser will have to prepare for a Frifast after the season completes until they can satisfy the discerning appetite of the Exabees! The purpose of Frifast is to enhance the teamwork, relationship and productivity between the Exabees.


Eat Together, Succeed Together!

Exabytes believes that teamwork is the key to success of many projects. One of the most important values of Frifast is to enhance a sense of teamwork among the Exabees. Sharing a meal at the office not only boosts teamwork but it also improve the communication and relationship between the Exabees.

Having breakfast together is just one of the networking tools. By having breakfast in office together, we can also work out some productive in-house networking with colleagues. We always encourage Exabees to share their ideas, thoughts and talk to people across all the departments.


Happy Tummy, Better Productivity!

We believe that the way to an Exabees’s heart is through the stomach. Having said that, a good breakfast meal will definitely raise the level of happiness and most importantly, the level of productivity of Exabees during work, too! Brought together to eat, Exabees will naturally spend more time chatting through work-related issues or discussing the hottest and trending topics together in a more casual and healthy way.


Last but not least, we know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and skipping breakfast is not a good idea. There is nothing better than having breakfast in the office together that are prepared by our loving Exabees. Having a healthy body means having a healthy mind, and it can potentially boost our brainpower to keep the company constantly improving and innovating as an organization to meet our customers’ every expectations!

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