Exabytes Headquarters Visit by Students from Management and Science University Penang


HQ Visit

Yesterday (6 March 2018), Exabytes HQ welcomed the students of Management and Science University (MSU Penang), who visited our Headquarters with their lecturer.

Ms Ooi, the Senior Business Development Manager of Exabytes sharing on the journey  of Exabytes.

Ms Ooi introduced the Exabytes Group, and shared her work experience since 2002. She also explained the services offered by Exabytes, including what SEO (search engine optimization) is all about.

Clarence Leong, the CEO of EasyParcel (an Exabytes company) shared his experience and journey with EasyParcel.

Clarence also shared the story of EasyParcel and the services offered.

After the introduction of Exabytes and EasyParcel, Miss Ooi brought the students to visit Exabytes HQ and EasyParcel office.

Ms Ooi explaining to the eager students where they’re heading.

Visit at EasyParcel office.

Clarence Leong introduced the working place to the students.

MSU lecturer having a discussion with Clarence Leong to find out more about EasyParcel.

Group photo of MSU students at EasyParcel office.

Once again, thank you for visiting us! To the students, we hope you had great fun learning about Exabytes and EasyParcel.

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