Exabytes Meets Taukehs!

Hellooo, Exapeeps! For those of you who have been following us, you must know that it has been a few busy weekends for us in Exabytes!

First, there was the Femes Bazaar, where we joined the flock of other thousands (if not million!) of people at Festival Belia 2013, Putrajaya from 23 – 26 May 2013 for a chance to get more people know about our on going campaign — the GMBO Onlinelah Tauke campaign. Our team was there as early as 8am to set up our booth.

IMAG1055 IMAG1057 IMAG1059

Isn’t that one cool, huge website banner? 🙂

It didn’t take long for curious visitors to start flocking our booth. By noon, we were visited by so many people enquiring us about the GMBO grant, we almost ran out of breath from explaining over and over again! 😀


It was probably one of the most happening event we’ve attended so far, because the crowd there was so happening and ‘sporting’, they even cheered “OnlineLah Tauke” together in a group, when we asked them too! 😀 Thanks guys, for the support!


Of course, the special appearance made by Dina Nadzir & Aishah Sinclair at our booth was also one of the reasons there were so many people at our booth, just trying to catch a glimpse at the beautiful ladies!

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Did you know, Aishah Sinclair too has an online boutique (Bhumi Batik) of her own? Check it out here or here .

The week after that, our fans (and us!) were given the chance to meet the very beautiful Aishah Sinclair again, as we opened up yet another booth (this time) at The Labels, 1 Mont Kiara Mall.





The crowd here was pretty cool too. We were surprised by the number of visitors who were genuinely interested to know more about having their business online and simply the GMBO campaign that we’re currently doing.

For those of you who have missed the chance to meet us at the places above, don’t fret as we will be making our way to the next stop; Hello Deer, Publika on 23 June 2013 with special appearance by Aishah Sinclair AND Dynas Mokhtar! 😀 See you there! 😉


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