Exabytes Treasure Hunt 2018


Whaddup guys? It has been a while since Exabees have gone around town to have fun. So, on a nice sunny weekend, we all went on a Treasure Hunt activity.

If you were around town, you might be shocked by the blue we brought to the heritage areas! While the usual treasure hunt confines us to a small to medium – scale size area, this is a tad bit different. The hunt covers the heritage area of George Town, Penang.



Our hunt? Go on exploring the vibrant town, take specific shots of food at specific sites, and put it all together to win. How? It’s a tic-tac-toe where we had to fulfil the different requirements along the rows vertically, horizontally, or diagon-alley (Potter heads, anyone?).

I’ll leave for the pictures to do the talking.

treasure-hunt-3 treasure-hunt-4 treasure-hunt-9 treasure-hunt-15 treasure-hunt-16 treasure-hunt-20 treasure-hunt-18 treasure-hunt-5 treasure-hunt-6 treasure-hunt-7 treasure-hunt-17 treasure-hunt-8 treasure-hunt-13 treasure-hunt-11 treasure-hunt-12 treasure-hunt-19 treasure-hunt-14 treasure-hunt-21 treasure-hunt-10 treasure-hunt-22

Work hard, play harder!

By the end of the treasure hunt, we were tired, sweaty (definitely smells too) but nevertheless, we had some crazy fun with our team. Plus, what’s better than ending the noon by going for a hearty lunch?

Want to hangout with us? Us too! Stay tuned to our website or Facebook page for any upcoming Exabytes event. Till next time!

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