Figuring Out the Most Suitable Online Advertising Strategies for Your Business


Thank you for joining us at MarketingFest 2021! This year, MarketingFest brought you three series focused on different aspects: advertising, data and insights, and influencer and social media marketing.  

Series #1: This series shared the advertising strategies that help business owners communicate ideas about their products and services to their target audience in the hopes of converting them into customers. 

The moderator (Samantha Tang) and panelists (Evan Januli, Vickson Tan & Weng Wai) of the event.

The first panel discussion of Series #1 was ‘Figuring Out the Most Suitable Online Advertising Strategies for Your Business’. As online business owners, we are always looking for the most suitable advertising strategies to achieve our business goals. But how can we figure out which ones are suitable for our businesses? 

The panellists in this discussion had the answers for us. Let’s go through some key points of this session.

1. Understand Your Business Well Before Running Adverts

When it comes to creating adverts, instead of just knowing who and where your target audience is, you also need to understand what your business is all about.

Look at what you are selling and the brand image you want to build and bring to the target market. Know your business well. Only then can you determine which platform is most suitable for running your adverts effectively. 

2. Explore Beyond Facebook and Google 

Online advertising is not limited to Facebook and Google. It is time for you to explore other platforms where you can implement your advertising strategies more effectively.

However, if you intend to implement your strategies on other platforms, you must first look at your audience demand. Understand your audience base, such as who they are and which platforms they use. 

3. Target Audiences

Nowadays, many tools can help businesses customise the audiences they want to target. You could also do some research to determine which groups you should be targeting to achieve your goals.

Nevertheless, even though you have these tools to help you, you may still wonder if you are reaching the right audience.

4. Sync Your Adverts Across Platforms 

When running adverts on different platforms, you need to synchronise the topic discussed in the adverts. Not only do the adverts need to be synced, but you also need to make sure that when you’re communicating with partners or having a KOL share information about your products or services, everyone is talking about the same topic regarding your products and services. 

5. Raise Awareness Organically 

The more you do, the more returns and results you will see. To raise awareness and engagement organically, you need to define your content strategies and know what kind of organic posts you want to create to reach your audience.

When you start to explore beyond unpaid strategies, you will find that there are other ways to organically reach people. For example, you could reach out to different communities on social media and collaborate with them. 

Final Thoughts

When you first step into the world of digital marketing, it might not be easy to identify the most suitable advertising strategies for your business, and you might get lost.

Various platforms allow you to run adverts, and many different advertising strategies can be found online. However, you need to know that the strategies that work for others might not work for you.

To find the most suitable strategies for your adverts, you need to look at your business and know what your business is all about.

In this session, we were glad to have invited Samantha Tang, Chapter Lead of Google Business Group (GBG) as a moderator.

For the panellists, we had Vickson Tan, Senior VP of Marketing, Exabytes; Evan Januli, VP of Brands & Marketing; Weng Wai, Head of Marketing, iCar Asia. Once again, we thank them for sharing their valuable insights on the exciting topics of this session.

Watch the full panel video, ‘Figuring Out the Most Suitable Online Advertising Strategies for Your Business’ video and kick start your advertising journey!

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