The Very First EDD Campus, at KDU Penang College University!


EDD Campus (Exabytes Digital Day Campus)

Hurray! We’re excited that the first EDD Campus (Exabytes Digital Day Campus), a place where Exabytes organizes various talks and sharing on the latest trends of E-Commerce, digital marketing, design, web developments, etc has landed at KDU Penang College University!

The EDD Campus shares knowledge that students are usually not able to learn from their text books. On top of that, it organizes events that encourages students to explore and learn more insights into various important topics.

Thanks to KDU Penang College University, Exabytes officially kickstarted the very first EDD Campus, sharing important knowledge with fellow students. Some of the topics covered included tips to creating a good website, SEO and the latest ideas of design. We were also excited to have Martin Tang, Exabytes Digital Marketing Specialist to share with us the 4 important keys on SEO.

Cindy, Exabytes Project Manager cum Creative Writer, shared the ways to create a website easily with Exabytes Website Builder, and how everyone of us can generate more ideas for their own projects.

Both speakers emphasized on doing their own research, a crucial steps when it comes to building a website. “You have an amazing idea, and it helps greatly for you to explore further, and refer to other good websites (either local and international) too!”

Thank you once again to everyone who attended this sharing. We hope you learnt something interesting and practical. See you again at the next session of EDD!

If you a representative of a college/university, and are interested to have the similar sharing to the students, please do not hesitate to drop us an email at [email protected] or [email protected] for further arrangements.

Lastly, to KDU Penang students who attended this event, please do not forget to check your email. We have something special for you!


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