Four Santa Claus Greeted Exabees, In Gangnam Style!


Date: 21st December 2012
Venue: Exabytes Penang Office

Exabees welcomed Xmas with office Xmas Party with tons of beautiful Xmas presents, Santa Claus grooming contest, Gangnam style dancing, two big-hamper prizes, a RM400 cash prize and plenty of delectable food. As Xmas fell on Friday, a working day, our party started after office hours, after our dedicated OC took the very short 30 minutes to decorate the venue with some interesting and humorous drawings on the whiteboards, Christmas tree, Christmas songs, etc.

In important celebration such as this, certainly the food served played a critical role and we did not disappoint our party goers. Mouthwatering “Little Cottage” Western and Italian cuisine which consisted of Croissant with Tuna Mayo, Grilled Chicken Monte Cristo, fried fish fillet with Tartar Sauce and many more were served to the discerning appetite.

After several intense rounds of tucking in, we were all set and ready to play the game “I’m The Best Looking Santa!” It’s the moment we chose our favorite Santa Claus, based on their costumes, their creativity in grooming and maybe how well they could dance in Gangnam style!

Divided into 4 groups, each group must groom up the best and most striking looking Santa in order to win this game. Group members were encouraged to exert their wildest creativity so that we could come out with the best Santa ever! Prizes for this game were absolutely fabulous. Besides the two huge hampers for our first and second runner-ups, the champion would receive RM 400 cash prize! The judging process was however, based on the number of votes given by Exabees.


But before we voted for our favorite Santa, let’s not forget the most meaningful thing to do on Xmas, gift exchange! With more than 50 gifts for exchange, the party reached its climax as each and every one of us was excitedly exchanging and opening our Xmas gifts.

Next, the votes were cast and it was the moment of truth! Oops, sorry, I mean the two Santa Claus with the highest number of votes would have to battle each other before the WINNER could be decided! So in order to win in this game, our two Santas had resorted to the most entertaining acts to win our hearts. Singing, making strange and funny noises, striking a few funny poses and dancing were all acceptable.

Finally, after all the sweat and blood, the winner was decided! Congratulations Clement, you are officially the most entertaining Santa ever, and thanks a million in giving us the finest show! Before we bid farewell to each other, Clement the best Santa once again offered us the best Gangnam style performance. Way to go, Clement!


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